Tuesday, March 1, 2011

90s Music Gems

90s music is what I grew up on.  That and the Beatles shaped my music taste for the most part.  Most everyone is still familiar with the titans of that era: Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, etc.  But what happened to some of the lesser known one or two hit wonders of that generation?  I actually have no idea, so I'm hoping to jog my memory regularly and come up with songs that were awesome back then, listen to them again, and see how they hold up.  Let's go on the hunt immediately:

"Sandstorm" by Cast: For as much as Oasis was accused of copying the Beatles in the early 90s, check out this song by Cast from 1995- it sounds like it belongs in the Oasis catalog.  It could've been a B-Side or extra track on "Definitely Maybe."  Anyway, these guys look like they are back together and have made a new album.  Crazy stuff!  Fun fact: Lead singer John Power was in The La's who sang "There She Goes (There She Goes Again)"- quite the catchy tune. 

"Time Ago" by Black Lab: I LOVE this band. That's right, present tense. They are still around and have put out a number of albums since their first album. They also had another mild 90s hit with "Wash Away" but this I enjoy this song better. See if you recognize this gem:

"Stars" by Hum: I once saw these guys open for Bush and the Toadies at the Warfield in San Francisco. It was a DAMN fine show! "Stars" is more recognizable but I also love the song "I Hate It Too" by this band. It's unfortunate that they weren't more popular. Maybe Weezer cornered the market on nerd-rock? Who knows? Hum has a harder edge than Weezer, but I digress. Here's the video:

"Uninvited" by Ruth Ruth: Yeah, if you don't remember this song, then listen immediately. I have no idea what happened to this band, but they sound like they are influenced by Bad Religion to some degree. This song rocks and deserves preservation:

"From Your Mouth" by God Lives Underwater: You'll either enjoy this song or be entertained by the Asian guy in the video who is eating in reverse. This band uses a rock/synth hybrid to bring a solid sound to your ears.

"Nearly Lost You" by Screaming Trees: Quite possibly the least successful Seattle grunge band that also had a hit. These guys are friends with Pearl Jam among others. This song can be found on the "Singles" soundtrack (along with a number of other GREAT songs.) Well worth your time revisiting.

I might do this regularly as it is nice to go back and challenge my brain in this manner.

Also, I recently pledged money to get the new Damnwells album. It is an excellent album and the cause is good as well (fight against AIDS, Malaria, TB.) If you're interested, GO HERE to check it out.


GMoney said...

I have never heard any of these songs. But I will mention a 90's song that I heard at a bar on Saturday night and remembered that it surprisingly great.

Stay by Lisa Loeb...totally underrated. And she has aged quite well. Quite possibly the most attractive nerd ever.

Tony B. said...

I will agree with you G$. "Stay" was over played to shit back then, but only rarely peaks it's head out for public appearances. It's the Puxatony Phil of 90s tunes.

You should check out these songs, they're not bad. It's funny you haven't heard of Screaming Trees. It was your suggestion of Mad Season last week that got me to research the band, and as it turns out, a member of Screaming Trees was in Mad Season as well- at least until he died of a heroin overdose. Anyway, that bit of research reminded me of the Screaming Trees, thus, their inclusion in this post.