Wednesday, March 23, 2011

90s Music: Oasis

Oasis has to be one of my favorite bands from the 90s.  We can talk about how much of their music they "copied" from the Beatles, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, some random Coca-cola commercial and any number of other artists.  Realistically, there are only a few cases where I would say that Oasis "copied" their music from someone else.  Instead, I would say that they were heavily influenced by various bands or artists- much like all musicians are influenced by music they enjoy.  Liam Gallagher's voice is far too whiny and crooning (in a good way) to fully copy anyone else's style. 

That being said, the band is broken up and Liam Gallagher has his new band called Beady Eye.  The music is ok, but not close to 1990s Oasis.  I prefer to remember the band in their prime.  Here are some of my favorite tunes:

"Supersonic" - What a dirty rocker this is. The guitar is perfectly distorted. Liam's voice is made for this tune. It really does make me want to drink gin & tonic and believe that I'm invincible.

"Live Forever" - No Oasis list is complete without this song. The simple drum beat is infectious to the ears and guides the entire song. Decent use of major and minor keys from verse to chorus, respectively. Great song.

"Slide Away" - One of my favorite songs growing up. This song alone had major influence on my songwriting. The opening Am7 chord is perfect. Perfect I tell ya! Here's an acoustic version with Noel singing lead.

"Wonderwall," "Don't Look Back In Anger," and "Champagne Supernova" - Do you really need me to post videos of these songs? They are so popular that you can probably just play them in your head right now. These are great songs. I especially love Noel singing lead vocals for the first time on an Oasis album for "Don't Look Back In Anger." Also, Noel sure knows how to fully use pentatonic scales for his guitar solos!

"Some Might Say" - I have no idea how this song wasn't more popular in the US, but I know it was hugely popular in my group of friends. Great harmonies between Liam and Noel on this one.

"Cast No Shadow" - This song is under-appreciated. Give it a listen even if you're familiar with the song. It is a damn fine song that deserves your attention. Here's another acoustic version with Noel singing lead.

I know there are plenty of other songs I could mention- "Rock N Roll Star," "Cigarettes and Alcohol," and "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" to name a few. I also recommend listening to versions where Noel sings lead. I'm not sure Oasis would've been better with Noel as the lead singer, but I certainly appreciate his versions of the songs he wrote.

Oasis was a great band and they will be missed. Though, if the money's right, I can't imagine them not getting back together for another knock-down-drag-out fight- I mean- world tour sometime in the future.


GMoney said...

I'm not the biggest Oasis fan because I have a staunch "fucky uppitty British guys" policy, but What's The Story is an insanely awesome album. But I LOATHE Champagne Supernova since it was their song that all the chicks in my high school over-played.

Don't Go Away is a song that I find, for lack of a better word, beautiful.

Tony B. said...

I'm fairly certain the Gallagher brothers could have had a paler version of Jersey Shore back in the 90s. Their shenanigans were ridiculous.

I think you might have been searching for a more manly word rather than a better word. That song is beautiful and would be the very next song I mentioned if I had gone into their 3rd album- which overall, is inferior to the first two.

Dave@90sMusic said...

I have to say that back in the mid-90s I was a massive Oasis fan. Personally I don't think they have ever managed to beat Definately Maybe and it was all downhill from there

The Gallagher brothers are just one long soap opera - but it was fun while it lasted

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