Monday, March 7, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Since receiving a tetanus shot on Thursday, I've been ridiculously sore.  I'm not sure if it's supposed to make my neck and back sore along with my arm, but that's what's happened.  On top of that, I feel a cold coming on, but I digress.  You're probably not here to read about my aches and pains- here's the weekend recap:


Mrs. B. and I went to work out after work and I got a great run in along with some weight lifting.  Probably not the best idea with my sore arm, but I powered through it.  Afterward, we went to Chili's for a Friday evening dinner.  2 for $20!  Great deal!  We capped off the night by watching "Hot Tub Time Machine."  We hadn't seen it yet, and were pleasantly surprised- it was hilarious!  Rob Corddry was on fire during the entire movie.  For a silly comedy, I would recommend it.


Mrs. B. and I again went to the gym.  This time we went to the downtown Sacramento location (there are three different locations of 24 Hour Fitness that we go to on a regular basis- usually for Mrs. B. to go to her hip-hop dance crew aerobic class.)  After stretching, I went to patiently wait in line for a treadmill to open up.  Someone was already waiting for a treadmill- and that someone happened to be Mayor Kevin Johnson.  More importantly, ex-Phoenix Suns' guard, Kevin Johnson.  It was pretty sweet.  I had seen him out one other time, but for whatever reason it was more fun to see him at the gym.

PS- why the hell is he working out at a public gym?  Don't they have something set up for him at the Mayor's office or at his house?

Anyway, a treadmill opened up and KJ hopped on it.  I kept waiting for a few minutes while listening to the new Damnwells album "No One Listens To The Band Anymore" in my headphones.  A treadmill opened up in the row in front of where I was standing.  KJ saw it open up, looked back at me and motioned for me to take the open treadmill.  I thanked him calmly and took my place on the treadmill in front of his.  Inside, it felt like a well respected coach had just told me to get to work.  I don't know how to explain it, but when an ex-NBA player tells you what to do, you have added motivation to do it.  I'm just glad he didn't tell me to shoot a limo driver!*

*Odd Jayson Williams reference!

KJ dunking on fools:

Later in the day, I went to hang out with my friend John.  We ended up driving to Cache Creek to play some video poker and kill some time.  For joining their players' club, we got $25 free dining each!  We immediately went to the sports bar and crushed a meal with a 23 oz. Miller High Life each.  After playing a little video poker (picked up 4 of kind 8's, won $40 and quit) we got back on the road back to his house.  His wife and Mrs. B. were out for the day and ended up meeting back up with us later.  John and I were deeply involved in some RC Pro Am and Dr. Mario by the time they got home.  We also played some music and I've decided I should learn "The Way" by Fastball.  Great song.


I'll skip the details of my Costco trip.  The main thing you need to know is that when I returned home, I found this guy sleeping in my car port:

Yes, that is my car.  Fun fact- he was still sleeping there this morning- I think he might be dead.  We've called the police.

Our fantasy baseball draft was a great way to cap off the weekend.  As you may recall, we are allowed 6 keepers- my keepers were as follows:

C Joe Mauer
1B Justin "Headcase" Morneau
2B Chase Utley
OF Carl Crawford (I traded Jayson Werth and my 2nd round pick for him)
SP Roy Oswalt
SP Jonathan Papelbon

I also made a trade where I gave up the 2nd pick in the draft and my 8th rounder for picks 12 and 13.  This worked out well as the 2nd pick was used for Andrew McCutchen (he got Francisco Cordero with my 8th round pick) and I picked up Shin Soo-Choo and Edison Volquez.  Here is the rest of my team:

1B - Paul Konerko
3B - Pedro Alvarez
SS - Elvis Andrus
OF - Drew Stubbs
Bench - Manny Ramirez
Bench - Jesus Montero (Bring this guy up!  Let's make him trade bait!)

SP - Fausto Carmona
SP - Daniel Hudson
SP - Annibal Sanchez
RP - Jose Valverde
SP - Jonathan Niese
SP - Barry Zito
RP - Daniel Bard (Papelbon insurance)
RP - Jonny Venters (Oh, please win that closer's job- that would be awesome.)

If my keepers get healthy, I think I have a solid team.  I'm sure I'll keep wheeling and dealing.  Can't wait for the season to start!


GMoney said...

I had Hudson and Alvarez both help me win two fantasy leagues last year. Keeping Morneau is risky and you can't like that Utley is already getting cortisone shots. Don't expect Montero for awhile.

Kevin Johnson was one of my favorite players of the 90's. If he would have motioned me to run next to him, I would have been forced to crank the speed to 10.0 and then die 3 minutes later. But I would have died via over-motivation.

Tony B. said...

I don't like Utley's knee issues, but there was a positive report on Morneau today- so here's to hoping.

I did crank the treadmill up faster than normal because KJ was right there. I brought it down a few notches to moment I realized he had left the treadmill in favor of working his abs via leg raises.

Brandon said...

Good to see KJ is a man of the people.

Nice pickup on Venters. I thought about taking him, but went with Chapman as my bet to take over a closer's job. Cordero went through some really rough stretches last year.

Personally, I can't wait for the season to start. Brett Gardener is going to tear it up.

Tony B. said...

You had a nice little draft as well. I don't know about Gardner tearing it up, but I really liked your trade to get Josh Johnson.

Anyone who throws 103 mph is ok in my book.

It's going to be a great year.

GMoney said...

I've read that Zito might not even make the rotation. Is that true?

Tony B. said...

I don't know if that is true, but you can bet your ass I'm dropping him if he doesn't.

Apparently, the front office is mad at him and sent out some bad vibes via the media. Zito was angry, talked to Bochy, was assured of his spot, then came out and pitched better in his second Spring Training appearance.

Who knows? They threatened to send him to the minors a couple years ago, so we'll see.

Brandon said...

Re: Zito, I like the McCoveyChronicles covered it:

Basically, he may be making way too much money, but there's no other league average pitcher in the Giants' organization to take his spot.

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