Monday, March 14, 2011

A Case Of The Mondays

Not too shabby a weekend...


I played a show at the Boxing Donkey.  It was a pretty fun time and the requests were definitely keeping me on my toes.  Not sure when the last time I played "Family Tradition" by Hank Williams Jr. or "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode, but now I know they answer to both of those songs are 3/11/11.  Thanks to the great staff at the Boxing Donkey for all that you do and I can't wait to be back soon!


Mrs. B. and I got up early and went with our friends Katrina and John on a last minute trip to Reno.  Since the Peppermill was "sold out" or "only accepting two night reservations" we booked a room down the block at the Atlantis for the first time.  I felt like I was cheating on a significant other, but understand that since this was a last minute trip, there was no opportunity for a room deal or apparently even a one night reservation. 

I figured this would go one of two ways.  1) We have a great time at the Atlantis and our one night spontaneous gambling trip would be a success.  OR 2) We have our curiosity of the Atlantis and other Reno casino resorts completely filled and realize that we should never take the Peppermill for granted.  Let's see which way our trip swayed.

We arrived at around 1:30pm at the Peppermill.  Yes, we went to the Peppermill first.  We couldn't check in at Atlantis until 3pm and we had comp dollars to use at the Peppermill.  After a free meal at Biscotti's, John and I went to the Craps table (of course we did.)  We got down about $200 before coming back up past even and leaving the table with $215 each.  At that point it was around 4:30pm, so we decided to put some NBA bets down before the games started at 5pm.  We took the Bulls and Spurs to cover, found our wives and headed over to the Atlantis.

Check in at the Atlantis was nice enough and we headed up to the room.  The room was nice enough, however we paid the rate that is equivalent to the Tuscany Tower rooms at the Peppermill.  It was definitely not as nice as those rooms.  It was probably just a tad nicer than the renovated Peppermill Tower rooms that we normally get comped.  The best thing about the room was the fact that it had a usable refrigerator.  The design of the room was also pretty nice and the beds were comfortable. 

After drinking some Gentleman Jack in the room, John and I headed down to watch the Bulls and Spurs cover putting an extra $100 in our pockets.  We then met our wives at the Bistro in Atlantis and had a pretty tasty meal.  I had a margarita pizza and lots of water to hydrate back up for the night.  No complaints with the restaurant at all. 

We decided to take a cab over the Peppermill to continue gambling.  For the low, low price of $4.34, we were back at our normal stomping grounds.  John and I found our way back to our favorite Craps table with our favorite dealers (shout out to Don, Phillip, Rick and the rest of the crew.)  We are pretty particular at this point with what table we play at and we patiently waited for spots to open up. 

Once we squeezed our way onto the table, it was going pretty well.  At one point I was up another $273, and I was extremely temped to walk away.  The problem is, you compete with yourself as to whether you're up there to gamble and win or gamble for a long period of time.  The answer you ideally want is both, but sometimes that is not possible. 

While playing, our friend Kevin who is a casino host at the Peppermill slyly came up and whispered, "Hey, you guys can't gamble here because you're staying at the Atlantis!"  It startled me for a second, but when I realized who was saying it I laughed and knew he was joking.  We really should have called him, but I try not to call in favors too often.  He said we should have called him and that he probably could have helped us out.  Such a cool dude.  Lesson learned on that one, even if it was an obvious lesson to learn.  Call your casino host before going up and they will help you out.  As Charlie Sheen would say, "Duh!"

In the end, the table cleared out leaving John, Mrs. B., and myself playing.  Katrina was around watching and occasionally playing slots.  The raised the limit on the table which priced out other players from joining the game.  I think they were trying to close down the table, but we kept shooting until they told us the table was done.  This was not helpful to our bankrolls, but it is the most ideal way of playing Craps.  It's like having our own private table.  We feel comfortable and not be bothered by any riff-raff that might join the table.  In the end, I was still up for the trip but for the session, I was probably down $110.  Ah the beauty of gambling- such a roller coaster. 

Our wives had already taken a cab back to the Atlantis (Mrs. B. left the Craps table before it totally closed), so John and I did the same.  We figured it would be a good idea to try gambling at the Atlantis as well.  This was the worst decision of the evening.  The Atlantis gaming area is not as vibrant as the Peppermill's.  The live music was substantially worse, the tables were of a lower quality (when I reached down to pick up chips, the felt felt old and nasty), and even the chips were of odd quality (lots of $5 chips were different looking and felt cheap.)  John and I got crushed on the table and then we went to bed.  I think we were both still up $50 for the trip, but it was a dumb decision.  Oh well, that teaches us a lesson and at least we were still up. 


Check out was at 11am (at the Peppermill we would normally get a 1pm checkout due to our Gold Member status.)  Note to self- drinking and gambling on a "Spring Forward" Daylight Savings day is an awful idea!  However, we made the best of it, but quickly packing up and going back over to the Peppermill for another free meal.  I love having comp dollars.  It rules. 

We left after brunch and headed back to Sacramento.  We even missed the possible awful weather that was quickly approaching.  I'm fairly certain I slept the rest of the day away after arriving home.  Another successful trip to the wonderful city of Reno.  My final answer on the Atlantis is that the Peppermill is way better.  I didn't totally mind staying at the Atlantis, but as you can see, we kept going back to the Peppermill for a reason.  It has better high end rooms, a better gaming atmosphere, better food (although our dinner at Atlantis wasn't bad), and just a better overall vibe.  If nothing else, we won't take the Peppermill for granted- not that we really did before, but it was really eye opening to see how much better it is than other potential places you could stay or hang out. 


GMoney said...

Let that be a lesson. The gaming industry was founded on favors. Always use your clout until they tell you to stop.

My verification "word" is fartl. That made me laugh.

Tony B. said...

Lesson learned for sure.

Is it odd that my Final Four is the same as yours? I didn't want it to be that way, it just is. The Southeast bracket is trash.

fartl is a pretty funny verification word. Blogger must know you well.

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