Thursday, March 10, 2011

DPX At Power Balance Pavilion

After years of coming to support me at my shows, I finally was able to return the favor to Mrs. B. last night. In the last few months, my lovely wife joined a hip hop dance aerobic exercise class called "DPX" (it stands for Dance Party Xtreme- you know it's extra legit because of the spelling of "Xtreme.") They announced in class that you can try out to dance at halftime of a Sacramento Kings game. Well, Mrs. B. tried out, made it, went to many rehearsals and last night was the night she was able to dance at what was previously known as ARCO Arena.

Mrs. B. was able to leave work early and get all done up for her performance.  I got home from work and we left pretty quickly to get to the arena in time.  She had to meet her dance crew at 6:45pm at one of the tunnels.  After making sure she was all good, I carried her purse and bedazzled sweatshirt to our seats.  Very manly of me- I know. 

We were in the nose bleeds, which was fine.  The arena really isn't all that big so it was still a pretty good view of the game and more importantly of the dance performance. 

While waiting for some of our friends to show up, I just looked around and noticed how depressed the vibe is in the building.  Kings fans are having a REALLY hard time with the news that they will probably be moving to Anaheim (or at least, somewhere else.)  Hell, the Maloofs are adding fuel to the fire by handing out free "Royals" shirts on the way in and making the Kings wear "Royals" uniforms every single night.  I believe the rumor is that the Kings will change their name to the "Royals" if they move to Anaheim.  I'm fairly certain the Maloofs are playing this out exactly the same way as the bitchy owner from "Major League."  Put a shitty product out there, lower the payroll further, frustrate fans, and do their best to prove there is a need to move to a different (and warmer) market.  The only real difference is that the physical team isn't actually playing better to spite them.  I suppose a cardboard cutout of Gavin Maloof in a skimpy bikini would not be motivating to the players, anyway.

Our friends showed up and that made it easier for me to ignore the sad vibe in the building.  We patiently waited for Mrs. B.'s moment.  Halftime rolled around and the lights dimmed like a rockstar was about to enter.  That was the moment when the class was announced and they all bounced out to the floor. 

The lighting for picture taking and video purposes was not great.  The lighting for ambiance was excellent.  Mrs. B. crushed the dance moves.  I'm assuming the rest of the crew did as well, but I was more focused in on her performance (and rightfully so!)  She put some red streaked extensions in her hair to make her stand out and it did the trick.  She did a great job and I couldn't be more proud of her! 

The Kings ended up blowing the game against the Orlando Magic near the end, which sucked, but the overall night was great.  If the Kings do actually move, at least we'll have this great memory of Mrs. B. getting her groove on down on the hardwood of "Power Balance Pavilion." 

Last, I DVR'ed the game to see if we could see any of the halftime performance on Comcast.  They did show an overhead shot and then went down to Jim Gray on the sidelines where you could see some of the girls behind him.  Is it more odd that my wife was mere feet away from Jim Gray, or just the fact that Jim Gray does sideline reporting for the Sacramento Kings broadcasts?


GMoney said...

Jim Gray is the absolute worst.

I've been hearing that the Clips and Lakers are trying to block an Anaheim move. I would guess that if Jerry Buss doesn't want them down there, they won't get to move down there.

Tony B. said...

I have heard that, but don't know all the details. It would be odd to see a third NBA team added to the LA area, but I'm not sure Jerry Buss really needs to worry about the potential Anaheim team having an impact on the Lakers. I would guess they'd have more impact on the Clippers in the short term (which still wouldn't be that great, IMO.)

The Kings probably have to move at this point. That arena last night was embarrassing. It felt like a half-hearted effort for a community that KNOWS their team is GONE. Also, upon further inspection, that arena really is not fit for an NBA team. It is antiquated and awful.

Mrs. B said...

Best blog post ever! Thanks sweets. xoxo