Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fake Question and Answer

I should just take Wednesdays off.  It seems to be the most uninspiring day of the week.  Putting everyone right in the middle of the daily grind is no place for witty sentiment- in fact, it probably only leads to depression.  So to attempt a half-thought out idea in a very lazy manner, let's try a fake question and answer section:

- You write songs, right?  Well, how do you go about that?  Is it hard?

Great question.  Some days, songs come easily and other days it is a grind.  The key is to run with inspiration when you get it.  It can lead to a quickly written song that sounds fantastic.  The songs that take years to finish are the ones that you really put a ton of effort into and they never seem to pan out- until you change one subtle thing and the rest just clicks.  "This Time Around" took a few years to write after writing the verse section in about 5 minutes. 

So to answer the question- yes and no.  It can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.  I like to write lyrics first and then edit them to fit different musical styles to see what works.  Sometimes, that may not be the easiest way of going about things, but I like to have something to sing about when creating a melody. 

- You seem pretty nerdy, are you a huge dork?

Sure, I guess.  I'm pretty comfortable with who I am.  If I want to like Star Wars, Transformers, or playing the occasional Super Mario Bros. game then I'm going to indulge.  I'm not putting too much stock in being a "nerd," "jock," "preppy," or any other category of person from "Saved By The Bell."  Oops- there I go again with one of my nerdy vices. 

I also played varsity basketball in high school for 3+ years (I was moved up at the end of my freshman year), so maybe that gives me non-nerdy cred?  Eh, who knows?  As long as I'm comfortable with who I am, the rest is easy and non-judgmental.  Just the way I like it.

- What's with you and 90s music?

It's the music I grew up on.  I'm quickly becoming the older guy who completely hates on all other generations of music.  "They just don't write music like they did when I was growing up!"  Or something like that.  Seriously though, you don't get quality tunes like "Far Behind" by Candlebox or "Black Gold" by Soul Asylum any more.  It makes me sad.  Some new music is fantastic and I'm very into stuff these days.  Hell, even bands that were around back in the 1990s, can't replicate the sounds they used to release (I'm looking at you STP and Pearl Jam!) 

- Are you really so self-absorbed that you would write up a fake Q&A?

Yep!  I just couldn't think of any great topic today, so I figured this would be an easy way to create a dialogue.  I mean, instead of having all this crazy dialogue in my head, why not put it in electronic text.  I'm used to questioning myself and laughing at my actions so there's no reason that can't be a topic for a blog.  I'm not sure where I was going with this, but I clearly need some form of caffeine ASAP!


Feel free to ask any real questions via email or in the comments.  I guarantee I'll answer it.  We should talk about baseball tomorrow, yeah, that's the ticket! 


Clarkster said...

If the cubs look like they are going to be contenders but falter down the stretch what forms of suicide will you consider??

GMoney said...

Q. What makes you a nerd?
A. You enjoy movies that were inspired by comic books. There is nothing nerd-ier. It's OK to be an occasional nerd with a Batman every once in awhile, but Toby Maguire can eat shit.

Tony B. said...

@ Clarkster - Great question, but I've already been down this road in 2003. After Game 6 of the NLCS I tried hanging myself, but the rope broke and I survived. After much therapy, I have come back a more rational person and have a complete selection of sleeping pills for the next Cubs debacle- hanging oneself is for crazy people!

@ G$ - Spiderman 1 and 2 were both MUCH better than Batman Forever and Batman & Robin (2 of the worst movies ever.)

There's a big difference between nerding out over a solid movie based on a comic book versus loving every movie based on comic books. The market is flooded with terrible comic book movies, but luckily, there are occasional great/good ones like The Dark Knight.