Friday, March 25, 2011

NCAA Surprises

Not too much today.  I was just amazed with the two late games yesterday.  I watched them at the gym and left to go home around halftime of the Butler/Wisky game.  When I got home...

Duke was getting their ass handed to them!  I'm not exactly sure how this happened but once Arizona took over, it was impressive to watch.  Derrick Williams should cut up his highlight reel from this game and send it to every team in the NBA.  I'm no scouting director and I don't know his game well enough to know if he'll make a good pro, but he had some ridiculous dunks in that game.

Unfortunately, since I had San Diego State in the Final Four, this Duke victory didn't help me all that much. In fact, my bracket is pretty much busted at this point. I do have Ohio State winning it all, but that's the only team I have left. It's a lost cause, so I'll just cheer for...

BUTLER. Brad Stevens is clearly an excellent coach. His players play hard, solid fundamental basketball. As much as Matt Howard plays the role of goofy white guy (a role I'm familiar with), he is an unbelievable basketball player. He goes hard after every rebound and gets most of them. He is much quicker than one would think. He shoots long range shots. Finally, he is clutch making game winning shots and free throws.

Their game verses Wisconsin last night was fun to watch. They even had the presence of mind to allow the Badgers back in the game so we could get a little taste of Gus Johnson going crazy. Excellent work, Butler!

It's too bad that both Mountain West teams lost in the early games, but what are you going to do? Not much apparently.

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe out there if you're dealing with bad weather- which you most likely are.


GMoney said...

The Anaheim crowd was electric last night.

I started watching Archer when Duke was up 5 in the second half. When it was over, Duke was down 13. Best. Episode. Ever.

SDSU would have won if those idiots had ANY poise at all. Two technicals? Come on.

Tony B. said...

Anaheim will probably be electric next year for NBA games as well.

SDSU did blow a great opportunity. Unfortunate.

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