Friday, March 4, 2011

This Time Around by Hanson?!?

A few weeks ago, I played a show at the Naked Lounge in Sacramento with Automatic Rival and Ziva. It was a great time, and as I explained in an earlier post, I had a fantastic time.

The piece of relevant info for this post happened after the show. Upon conclusion, we were all loading gear out and the venue was closing down. I decided to be a gent and give a copy of my current album "This Time Around" to the sound guy and to the girl who worked the register all night (1 copy each, of course.)

The sound guy was appreciative and said thank you. The girl was appreciative as well, but took one look at the CD and said, "This Time Around? Isn't there a Hanson CD called that?!?"

I said I didn't know. More specifically, why would I know? Besides MMM Bop, I can't name one other Hanson song. I'd have a better shot at telling you that Glen Quagmire once admitted to having sexual fantasies about Taylor Hanson before being told that Taylor wasn't a girl.

The girl from the NL informed that it really was the case and that they do have an album by the same name as my album. I think I threw a tantrum similar to Adam Sandler in "The Wedding Singer."

"This is something I wish I knew IN JULY!!!"

The funny thing is that it probably would have deterred me from naming the album after my own song that I wrote with no knowledge of this whole Hanson angle. I don't want to be copying any other artists, or purposefully doing things that have already been done. However, I'm glad I didn't know because I love how the album turned out (cover art, packaging, songs, etc.) It's good I didn't change anything about it.

As it turns out, "This Time Around" is actually Hanson's second album (it's also my second album.) They released the album in 2000 (I released mine in 2010- exactly ten years later.) Both albums have a physical song called "This Time Around" on them. Do the songs sound similar? You be the judge:

(I KNOW! It has over 1 million views!!! Surprising, right?!)

You can listen to all the tracks on my album in the sidebar on the right side of the page. "This Time Around" is Track 8- but you can read and you presumably already have the album, so you already knew that.

I'm guessing your conclusion is that the songs sound nothing alike.


Instead of feeling embarrassed about this, I'm embracing it. Mrs. B. even came up with the idea of the "This Time Around Tour." It would be my band and Hanson. We'll make t-shirts, sell CDs, and tour the entire country. Taylor, Issac, and Zac- if you're up for it, email me - tony [at] and we'll get this show rolling!

Let's do this guys! I would also invite Michael Jackson and Biggie Smalls for this jam:

But obviously, both of them are dead. So it goes- this time around.


GMoney said...

I'm not sure that I would classify Hanson as "artists". I look forward to them suing the shit out of you for stealing their title!

Tony B. said...

Thanks G$- between my Bear AIDS and my potential lawsuit with Hanson you've been quite the supportive friend.