Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Have A Situation

Seth MacFarlane, host of the Donald Trump Roast on Comedy Central, joked, "The Situation is celebrating a milestone tonight, his 15th minute of fame just started." I thought it was a pretty solid joke... up until The Situation took the podium. Then I began to think, "WOW, Seth MacFarlane might be right."

I mean, out of all the most famous reality stars of the past 10 or 20 years, who is actually still relevant? The Miz, maybe? Hell, Dave Holmes (from MTV's "Wanna Be A VJ?") hosts DVD On TV on FX and made a few appearances on "Reno 911" (RIP.) I'm trying real hard to come up with people who have stayed popular in the public eye, and the two I came up with were reaches.

The Situation took the podium and started making jokes that straight BOMBED. The audience rode him like a cowboy at the end of "Dr. Strangelove." 

The hilarious thing about the whole "situation" is that everyone is now talking about The Situation's set.  His awful jokes about Trump's hair, being rich, and about Whitney Cummings not being a grenade "'cause she's not blowing up any time soon" were beyond awful.  However, given the level of press he's getting about this terrible roast could have helped him reach a whole new level of "popularity."  The alternative is that this set will help finish his fame like Kano ripping out its heart.  (I'm willing to bet large sums of money that regular commenter and blogger, G$ would KILL at a roast.  Just sayin'.)

I'm not going to lie.  I am a weekly viewer of "The Jersey Shore."  I'm mind boggled each and every week about guido's and guidette's actions.  Calling someone "fake" is apparently the equivalent of someone from the Renaissance era slapping another person with a glove and saying, "I challenge you to a duel."  It is apparently more respectable to go behind your significant other's back and hook up with someone rather than harmlessly talk to someone of the opposite sex in front of their face.  Last, it's ok for Snooki to have expectations of guys to be in shape (and be on steroids) but it is completely offensive if anyone mentions her weight. 

I think I watch because I'm so amazed by "The Jersey Shore's" culture- I literally can't believe people act this way, so in a way, it's an interesting study.  And while I enjoy it, I have to believe we're coming up on the series' shelf life sometime soon.  How long will The Situation's act go on?  How long can Snooki continue passing out on beaches and cussing at cops?  Also, isn't it about time for Ronnie to punch someone out again? 

Seth MacFarlane might be right, the "Shore's" entire cast might have started their 15th minute of fame.  Although, if "no press is bad press" then the public is probably more interested in The Situation than ever today. 

If they ever decide to can "The Jersey Shore," maybe there is room to start a show about this little lady:

 Hotter than Snooki, right?! 


GMoney said...

Hmmmm, I'm trying to think of other reality stars that kept it going. Obviously, The Miz has to be #1 as going from Road Rules to WWE champion and growing crossover star is impressive.

Real World, Road Rules, Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, The Bachelor, American Idol...can't really think of anyone besides Carrie Underwood but that is a different sort of reality genre.

Ah, got it. The fat guy from My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance is on either Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice. They need to bring that and Joe Millionaire back.

Tony B. said...

Joe Millionare was awesome. Ya know what was better? Temptation Island. Bring that back immediately!