Friday, April 15, 2011

30th Birthday Plans

I don't have much for today.  The Cubs don't have me fired up because they didn't play yesterday.  I didn't watch any of the Blackhawks game vs. Vancouver, so I don't have any solid input (though, nice win by the Sharks last night in overtime- do they always have to make things difficult on themselves?)

So here's the schedule for the weekend:

Tonight I'm playing at Pyramid in Walnut Creek from 6-10pm.  Unfortunately for you, it is a private rehearsal dinner on the patio.  It's too bad it is not open to the public, however, it's really good that they still want me to play!  I'm thinking they'll really appreciate my romantic version of "Ignition (The Remix)." 

ALSO- my 30th birthday show has been booked at Pyramid Walnut Creek.  Be there June 29th.  I'll be playing from 6:30-10 and we'll be partying it up for the last time (that's a lie- but you should go anyway.) 

Tomorrow I'm playing at UC Davis' Picnic Day from noon - 1pm out by the Alumni Center.  Come on out.  Bart is coming out and we're doing a little White Stripes set up with drums and guitar.  I'm sure it will be interesting.  Picnic Day is always crazy, i.e. it will be difficult to load the equipment in to the stage area.  Hope to see you there if you're traipsing around Davis tomorrow.

Be safe and catch you all on Monday.


GMoney said...

I watched the probable final sound off by the Kings TV guys last night. Damn that was touching.

Tony B. said...

I agree. Grant Napier is usually a hard-ass, but him getting emotional was pretty cool to see.

I hope they don't move. I think there is more hope now that the Maloofs asked for another deadline extension.

GMoney said...

By the way, you selling your soul to Joe Mauer doesn't look too hot right now. Better invest in a decent backup. May I suggest JP Arencibia?

Tony B. said...

I picked up Russell Martin- should I grab JP instead?

Tony B. said...

Check that- JP is not a free agent in our league. Damn you, Mauer! Damn you and your diseased sideburns!