Wednesday, April 27, 2011

90s Music: Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots "Purple" was the first CD I ever owned.  I got it in 7th grade and listened to it over and over and over... To this day, it is still a phenomenal album that I love to queuing up from time to time.  STP is still going in between Scott Weiland's drug episodes and while their music is definitely not as strong these days, their old hits from the 90s crush most of today's rock music.  Let's examine their 90's collection (focusing on their first 3 albums.)  As always, I may include the singles or I may not- I'll do what I want!

"Wicked Garden" - This song just straight up rocks.  I know it was a single, but it probably doesn't have the same notoriety as "Plush" or "Creep."  The build up to get to "Burn, burn, burn- burn your wicked garden down" is candy to my trick or treating ears.  This song has serious balls.

"Plush" - One of my favorite songs to play myself, this is such a well written song. The acoustic version I'm posting is so sweet (with an intro by Riki Rachtman!) It really shows how versatile this song actually is.

"Piece of Pie" - Picking a non-single is tough, but this song is so dirty that I had to go with it. It's as if this song should've come from Alice In Chains. Here's a live performance from 2000.

"Meatplow" - And we're at the "Purple" album. I love the singles off this record, but you will find none on this list. There are three songs that need mention that were never released as singles. This is the first. I actually played this song for the Craigslist buyer of my old guitar amp. He immediately recognized it and bought the amp. He probably got good value too, but the point is that this song has magical powers.

"Still Remains" - This is one twisted love song. One of my favorite songs of all time. I always find this line funny: "Take a bath I'll drink the water that you leave." Nothing says love like drinking someone's used bathwater. At least, that's what STP taught me.

"Army Ants" - The drum solo around 3:20 is one of my favorites ever. "Fall in those single file lines, like army ants." So awesome.

"Big Bang Baby" - This album is where the choice of guitar distortion gets a little weaker, in my opinion. However, this song is a lot of fun and it's definitely worth a listen.

"Lady Picture Show" - It was between this one and "Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart." I chose this one because it's a little softer and the use of 7th chords is agreeable to the ears. Check out this performance from '97.

"Down" - No. 4 made it out at the tail end of 1999, so it barely makes the cut. This was the first single off the album and it brings back the dirtier guitar distortion. This song keeps it real.

I know there are plenty of other great songs from this great band. What say you? Was STP one of your first CDs too? Ever shoot heroin with Scott Weiland? Feel free to leave your favorite STP songs or memories in the comments.


GMoney said...

I was hoping that you would give Army Ants the respect that it deserves. Well done.

Tony B. said...

Thanks G$- seems like we've been on the same page about a lot of the non-singles that deserved extra notice back in the 90s.

Brandon said...

I really like Still Remains. "If you should die before me / ask if you can bring a friend" totally sums up my 9th grade angst. I was emo before it was cool, man.

Tony B. said...

I was emo last night when the Blackhawks lost on a dumb goal in OT. Way to clear the puck, deek. Ugh.

"Still Remains" still remains one of my favorite songs. See what I did there? I'm lame.