Monday, April 18, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Weekend recap- go now!


I was notified on that my show at Pyramid in Walnut Creek was going to be a private gig and no one would be allowed out on the patio.  This ok as I'm just glad I wasn't canceled in general.  It was a bit of a bummer that none of my family or friends were allowed out on the patio, but we'll have plenty of other shows to rock out together, and the rehearsal dinner group that I was playing to was a lot of fun.

Some of the young girls that were attending were knocking it out of the park with their requests.  Off the bat I handled a number of songs that they requested ("Firework," "Brown Eyed Girl," "Sweet Caroline," etc.)  Then a young boy asked for "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas and I was happy to help with that one.

Then came a point where I was playing during dinner and I was able to break out some softer stuff.  This was a nice change of pace because I'm so used to making sure I'm constantly playing upbeat music that I never get to play slower ballad type songs.  I very much enjoyed that part of the evening and I think it went over well with the crowd.

It was a pleasure to play the event and congrats to David and Jane!  I hope the wedding on Saturday was great and it was awesome playing your event on Friday.

One last quick thing, I'd also like to thank Robin from Pyramid.  It was her last day there on Friday and she's been great to work with the last four years.  I really appreciate working with such a friendly and organized person as it makes my job much easier.  Good luck!


On Saturday, I played from 12-1pm on the UC Davis campus for Picnic Day festivities.  My drummer, Bart, came along and I played electric guitar.  It was kind of like a White Stripes-ish type duo thing that was pretty fun.

Bart brought the drum kit that he used to record "Not An Addict" with K's Choice.  So awesome that I get to play with a drummer who is massively talented and from a band that I used to listen to in high school.

The set was a lot of fun and it was much easier and friendly than last year's Picnic Day debacle.   We played our set then stayed to watch Yellow Jacket Motel.  They a solid band and very friendly.  It's always nice to meet other musicians who aren't uptight or stand off-ish.  That happens all too often in that line of work.

I left Davis around 2pm because there was no need for me to be around town for the ensuing shit-show.  You see, Picnic Day has turned into a massive drinking day, which in theory sounds cool.  However, it sounds so cool that EVERYONE participates.  UCD students go nuts.  UCD alumni come back and get tanked.  Thugs from God only knows where show up looking for drunk college girls.  The extreme amount of people day drinking on a day when 75,000-100,000 people flock to UCD is not a recipe for a safe or enjoyable time.   In fact, this happened.  (I'm sure an incident like this could happen any time someone drinks too much but Picnic Day does lead to more problems than fun these days.)

The crazy thing is that I'm the last person who will lead an anti-drinking or anti-partying campaign.  I just don't want to participate in drinking like this because it has become dumb and inconvenient.  For example, there are very few movies I really want to see the first day they come out ("Transformers" might be the beginning and end of that list.)  Most of the time, I'm not willing to deal with the lines, the crowd, the packed theater, and all the d-bags who will more than likely ruin the movie on a premier night.  This is the exact problem with Picnic Day.  There are massive lines to get into bars.  Within the bars it is a pain to get drinks.  Outside of bars people are too drunk to stand or they want to fight.  [Claps hands back and forth a couple times] I'm out.  I'll drink on any other day of the year and have a more enjoyable time.


After doing some Sunday morning chores to clean our apartment, I headed over to John and Katrina's house for a relaxing day of watching baseball and lounging around.  It was a pretty solid day of baseball besides the Cubs coming up short against the Rockies.  Starlin Castro is THE MAN.  The rest of the Cubs?  Not so much.  They'd probably have zero wins without Castro.

And that ends the weekend.  I'm bummed about the Blackhawks, but I'll just wipe my tears with a newspaper from last year announcing them as championship.  I obviously don't have said newspaper (or get any newspaper in general as news is available online these days you old fogies) but you understand what I'm saying.  They won last year and it looks like it's someone else's turn to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup this year.

However, the Bulls may be that team in the NBA this year.  They played about as bad as they could've played and still pulled out a victory against the Pacers.  Let's do this guys.  I could get used to Chicago winning championships every year if that actually started happening.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and we'll continue tomorrow with something mildly fun.


GMoney said...

I status'ed it on Facebook yesterday but I want to say it again:

My karaoke version of Patrick Swayze's CLASSIC "She's Like The Wind" Saturday night likely brought Dalton back to life. And then when the song ended and I stopped singing, Brody died again. Seriously, I tore that shit UP. And it's a good thing I asked because this was a consolation prize for my true desire of Swayze fame...Jeff Healy Band's Angel Eyes. Somehow, the karaoke asshole had EIGHT Healy songs but not his most famous. What a dick.

Tony B. said...


It's really too bad you're not able to make April 29th Live Band Karaoke that I'm helping out with. I'm fairly certain you could crush the Refreshments classic "Banditos."