Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cubs Pitching Options

Well, it's official. The Cubs now have one more win (3) than they have starting pitchers on the disabled list (3). Randy Wells is rocking a strained forearm while Andrew Cashner has a strained rotator cuff. Their bullpen is already tired and their offense looks OK. So how have I been enjoying baseball season?

It's been good so far. Not great, but not terrible. The Cubs are 3-2, which is fine. I have to remind myself every day that the baseball season is a grind and to not get too worked up over each game. It's tough though, as mental errors are a huge pet peeve of mine and the 162 game season naturally allows for plenty of base running errors or poor defensive choices. Baseball is built on imperfection- I know this all too well as a Cubs fan.

So what do the Cubs do now besides hope for some rain-outs and good news from Wells and Cashner in two weeks? Well, I can think of a few options:

1) Casey Coleman - He's a prospect that looked decent during his time in the majors last year. However, if he was really good and Major League ready, then he'd already be up with the team, I suppose.

2) Move Jeff Samarjdaf;kja to the rotation - I never spell check his name and refuse to learn how to spell it. He was excellent in Triple-A Iowa last year as a starter. Unfortunately, he looked good for exactly 1 inning yesterday before getting in trouble and ultimately blowing the Cubs' 4-1 lead. Not sure he can be trusted.

3) Offer the Yankees a package for Mark Prior, then throw him into the starting rotation - So far, this is my favorite option. The Cubs could probably get 3+ starts out of him before his arm detaches from his body, becomes a zombie arm, and starts biting bleacher bums. Instead of hoping for that, I'm resigned to watching sick highlights of Prior pitching against the Dodgers in 2004- I was at this game.

4) Bring Greg Maddux back - He works in the Cubs front office and could probably make a few starts. Why not? It's a better suggestion than bringing Rick Sutcliffe out of the booth and back to the mound. I prefer my pitchers to be younger and less like the doctor from "Rocky Racoon." What I'm trying to say is Sutcliffe drinks a lot. We've gotten way off topic.

5) Go with a 3 man rotation - They used to do it in the olden days, are we too good for this solution? It's better than bringing Carlos Silva back (which is not an option, but I imagine that if he came back, Wrigley Field Old Styles would ripple like the water cup from Jurassic Park when the T-Rex was coming.)

The moral of this post? The Cubs are probably screwed in the near future. There aren't too many good options that I know of, so I hope they surprise me. I also hope Wells and Cashner aren't out for extended periods of time. Pitching injuries are the worst.


GMoney said...

I'll trade you Prior AND Derek Jeter for Starlin Castro. Jeter appears to still be terrible so he should fit right in.

Is it possible for the Cubs to have an easier start to the season? Buccos and Backs at home? Jesus, that would be an easy slate for the Iowa Cubs.

I'm still surly from Soriano's horseshit 8th inning last night.

Tony B. said...

Hey now, the Bucs are up 2-0 on the Cards and beat them yesterday. It's possible that they are not as bad as expected? (unlikely)

Meanwhile back at Wrigley...

The Cubs are down 5-2 to the D'Back. Nice #1 starter you are, Ryan Dempster.

Don't worry about the Yanks or Soriano. Both will be fine.

sean said...

Carlos Silva=Chaos Theory

& Samardjkliaxza is pretty filthy

Tony B. said...

sean = jeff goldblum

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