Friday, April 29, 2011

Not Much Today

Since band practice last night turned into having a beer at Hooters (which was only for the beer as the girls were not in top form), I don't have much in the way of discussion.  I watched a bit of the NFL draft, but not enough to give expert analysis.  I guess that didn't stop John Gruden, though. 

Seriously, did you see when the Browns traded up and he started raving about how they were going to take Andrew Daulton?  Chris Berman looked at him puzzled and said, "They already have Colt McCoy.  It's the Browns."  Then there was a couple seconds of silence.  Hey, I even hate Boomer, but in this case, he was absolutely correct.  It probably even helps my tolerance level of Chris Berman that there is someone worse on the panel.  Much like a DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) would make a decent looking girl look smokin' hot.

Can someone explain to me what the hell was going on with the Bears and Ravens?  It sounds like the Bears were dumb- I just don't fully understand what happened as I was not watching during that stretch of the draft. 

I am glad the Bears ultimately decided to draft an O-Lineman.  However, I'm surprised it wasn't Derrek Sherrod.  And guess who will now have an axe to grind every time he plays the Bears while being part of the Packers?  That's right- Derrek Sherrod. 

Last, I heard a good joke about Jay Cutler's engagement to Kristin Callavari on sports talk radio the other day:

"When Jay Cutler proposed to Kristin Callavari and attempted to give the ring to her, it was intercepted by D'Angelo Hall four times." 

Last, the buyer on the house we bid on fell through, so we're back in the game!  I'll keep you all update.  In the meantime- have a great weekend!


GMoney said...

The way all of these wonks talk, Andy Dalton will step right in on Day 1 and be Super Tom Brady.

As a Bears fan, you have to love seeing Minnesota implode but hate seeing that the Lions are now real players in the North while the Packers are going to be at the top for awhile.

Tony B. said...

You described my thoughts perfectly. The Vikings really panicked, the Lions made a GREAT pick to sure up their D for a long time (I miss the days of them picking WR's every year), and the Packers are clearly good and just replacing aging positions. Should be a great division for years to come.