Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank You Notes

Jimmy Fallon's sketch made much, much worse by yours truly.

Dear Fantasy Baseball,

Thank you for crushing my soul each and every week.  My team is awful.  However, this week, they are doing pretty well- only to be slaughtered by my opponent (commenter Brandon) because he is, of course, scoring the most points in the league.  Awesome.  Just awesome.

Tony B.


Dear Extra Day For This Post,

Thank you for actually giving me something to talk about.  Not only was I busy yesterday, but was there really anything to talk about?  I would've had as much to talk about as Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe

Tony B.


Dear Indiana Pacers,

Thank you for coming guys, but it's cool- the Bulls will take it from here.  Danny Granger- did you still want to face the Celtics now?  In all seriousness, the Pacers are a pretty decent #8 seed (now as opposed to how good they were earlier in the year) and I think the Bulls will benefit later on for having a decent challenge in the first round. 

Better luck next year,
Tony B.


Dear Chicago Blackhawks,

Thank you for putting the SMACK down on the Canucks the last two games.  Keep this rolling and maybe you can dig yourself out of that ugly 3-0 hole you made for yourself.  Punch those Canadians in the nuts!  Yes, I'm aware that not everyone on the Canucks are Canadian. 

Go 'Hawks!
Tony B.


Dear NFL Season,

Thank you in advance for not getting canceled.  IF you in fact you get canceled, I don't know exactly what I'm going to do on Sundays in the Winter.  California may not be that cold, but I'm fairly certain my heart will turn to ice.  I will write a depressing song each Sunday and release an album in the Spring.  Maybe it won't be that bad an idea... unless I write a ballad about missing Jay Cutler- then you'll know I've gone insane. 

Get a deal done,
Tony B.



Thank you for letting me a part of your Associate program.  All these links may not amount to any extra change in my pocket.  However, I do enjoy trying to find the most random links to place in certain spots.  Also, I'm quite aware that the only qualification I have to be in the program is that I run a blog that posts somewhat regularly.  It feel great to be part of such an exclusive club.

Rock on,
Tony B.


GMoney said...

Aren't you a bit worried about the Bulls? The Pacers are absolutely terrible yet they've been leading at half and in the 4th of every game so far.

Hopefully, for your sake, this isn't a Bobby Cox thing where they play balls out all year but have no extra gear for the playoffs.

Or you could bring back Viktor Khryapa.

Tony B. said...

I'm not worried about the Bulls. My feeling is that the Pacers are playing above their record. They've been a much better team since getting their new coach and are able to give the Bulls more of a challenge. This will make the Bulls better for their playoff run.

I'd be worried if they were down 2-1, but they are not. They're up 3-0. It's all good.

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