Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top 10 South Park Episodes

Both the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks can win a game today and advance to the next round of their respective playoffs.  With that said, it is obvious that I should post about something completely different than my favorite NBA and NHL teams, right?

South Park returns tomorrow with the first episode of their 15th Season.  I've loved the show from the very beginning and would consider myself highly equipped to make a list like this.  Going in though, I'm sure that you cannot break this show down by only 10 episodes, so many deserving episodes will be left out.  Feel free to make mention of your favorite episodes in the comments.

I'll embed a few clips of the episodes I talk about, but you can go to SouthParkStudios.com to watch any episode you want. 

10. Chinpokomon - Not only does South Park make fun of the (at that time) growing Pokemon phenomenon, but it also gives commentary on the possible Japanese take over of America! Wait- that's not right. It gives commentary about fads that children like and how parents need to stay involved with their children's interests. But of course, South Park manages to accomplish this in an over the top manner that only they can.

9. Butters' Very Own Episode - I love Butters. I think a lot of people out there do. In this episode, they give Leopold Butters Stotch the spotlight and his own theme song! His dimwitted innocence and love of Bennigan's leads this episode down a road where they call out the Ramsey's and OJ for their likely crimes of the past.

8. Timmy 2000 - I remember being in college and LOVING this episode. Wheelchair bound Timmy joins a band and has a rivalry with the evil Phil Collins. Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld are a hilarious yet oddly rocking band. This Season 4 episode showed the route that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were about to go down.

7. Hell On Earth 2006 - This episode is crazy. It has Satan play the role "Sweet Sixteen Girl" while his minions attempt to throw him a party. From Butters dealing with Biggie Smalls to the "Three Serial Killers" attempting to get Satan's Ferrari Cake to the party, this episode kills. Of course, there is also the awkward appearance of Steve Irwin at the party...

6. Go God Go (Parts 1 and 2) - The very next episode of season 10 shows Eric Cartman impatiently awaiting the release of the Nintendo Wii. He is so impatient that he gets Butters to help freeze him, but then he accidentally wakes up 500 years in the future. In the future, the idea of God has now been rejected, but there are three groups of Atheists that are at war with each other- one of them being a group of Otters. Sound ridiculous? It is. But it's also hilarious. Especially when Cartman calls himself in the past, tries to reason with his past self to no avail, and then admits, "I hate that guy!" So awesome.

5. Scott Tenerman Must Die - Cartman has proven that he is one sick, evil bastard. No episode proves it like this one. He is bullied the entire episode only to get his revenge in the final seconds of the episode. Moral of this story? Don't f*** with Cartman.

4. The Coon 2 Trilogy - The comic book art is phenomenal and Cartman getting kicked out of his own superhero group is hilarious. I give this trilogy extra bonus points for revealing how Kenny dies every episode and continues to come back. Commentary on BP is great and Cartman teaming up with the evil Cthulhu is a perfect touch on this series of episodes.

3. Cartmanland - At this point in the list, I realize that this exercise is futile. I'm missing too many awesome episodes. That doesn't stop me from enjoying the fact that Cartman inherited a million bucks and bought his own amusement park. At first he tried to allow only himself in, but eventually had to allow in the public. It became profitable, but he hated that everyone else got to enjoy his park. Classic Cartman.

2. Hooked On Monkey Phonics - Phonics Monkey alone makes this episode go to the top of the list. Phonics Monkey even kills Kenny! Hilarious! Not only that, but they even have Dio play at the elementary school dance at the end of the episode. "Holy diver- you've been out too long in the midnight sea..."

1. Gnomes - That's right. My favorite episode of South Park ever involves the Underpants Gnomes. Want to know how I came up with this conclusion. It was easy.

1. Pick the best episode.
2. ???
3. Profit

I live my life by this very equation/motto to this day. Never question the Underpants Gnomes! Within the hilarity, South Park also makes fairly valid points about big and small business. Over the top comedy mixed with social commentary is their staple, and it is the reason why they've been able to make it all the way to a 15th Season.

I know I missed a ton of episodes. This is an impossible task. If nothing else, my list is filled with funny episodes, but let me know what your favorites are.

Can't wait to see what they come up with next!


Clarkster said...

I really loved the Facebook episode Everyone gets pissed at stan because he won't comment on there pictures or won't accept friend requests very funny satire on facebook. I also really laughed hard at the fish sticks/dicks episode.

Tony B. said...

Both great calls Clarkster. Stan battling his own profile Tron-style was classic. Any time Kanye gets made fun of, I'm on board with that.

GMoney said...

Bat Dad Vs. Randy Marsh at the little league game always kills me. I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA!

Or when Randy thinks his alcoholism is a debilitating disease. Pretty much any episode that stars Randy Marsh.

Brandon said...

It's been too long since I stopped watching South Park regulary. I keep meaning to catch up. But I love the old school episodes: Spooky Fish, Trapper Keeper, Mr. Hanky.

Scott Tenorman Must Die and Chinpokomon are two of my favorites as well. Great picks.

Tony B. said...

You know what, G$- you're right about Randy. I never realized how awesome each episode that centers around him typically is. How about the one where he gives himself testicular cancer to get a legal marijuana card?

Brandon, you must catch up immediately! There's no excuse. Go to the website and watch all the episodes! I don't even need to lend you any DVDs.