Wednesday, May 18, 2011

90s Music: Live

Here's a band that is under-appreciated by some, over-appreciated by others, and like Baby Bear's porridge- just right for others.  Live hit the jackpot with their sophomore album "Throwing Copper" and have etched themselves into the conversation when bringing up 90s bands.  Let's check out their tunes.

"Pain Lies On The Riverside" - A song from their debut album "Mental Jewelry," this song gets overlooked because it was never a true radio hit.  Check out the bass line at around 3:17 of the video- it is Flea-worthy.  Bottom line- the song rocks. Last note- take note of Ed Kowalczyk's hair in this video- he looks ready to take his high school senior picture!

"I Alone" - This list might be dominated by "Throwing Copper" tunes- and why shouldn't it be? The album is ridiculous. "I Alone" happens to be one of my favorite 90s tunes. I love the soft verse transitioning to loud chorus with a creeping bridge in the middle. Extremely well written song.

"Selling The Drama," "Lightning Crashes," and "All Over You" - These get included here. I know anyone reading will immediately think of these songs if I leave them out. They are all good, and yet, they still feel a tad overplayed when I hear any of them on the radio. Here's a live performance of "All Over You"- crowd participation at its finest:

"White, Discussion" - I think this song had a video made for it, but it was never a major hit. The ebb and flow of this song soars (much like "I Alone") so it's hard to not love this song. The sample right before the solo in the last minute of the song it perfectly placed.

"Iris" - Excellent use of the bass. If you gave me a choice between "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls or "Iris" by Live, I'll choose Live every time. It's a much better song.

"Lakini's Juice" - Live must have been out of their damn minds after the success of "Throwing Copper." This was their first single off their follow up record "Secret Samadhi" and it still blows me away. I don't know if the general public enjoyed it quite as much, and I doubt the record label was 100% on board releasing this as their first single, but damn this rocks. Kudos for having balls, Live.

"Freaks" - I have a feeling "Turn My Head" was the most successful single off of "Secret Samadhi," but I enjoy the darker rocking tracks a bit more. "Freaks" fits that bill and again, I can't believe they released this as a single.

What's that? You wanted me to mention "Dolphin's Cry?" Unfortunately, a baby dolphin just cried out in pain because of your request.

Currently, Live is broken up with Ed Kowalczyk being at odds with the rest of the band over song rights and things of that nature. It was good while it lasted- here's Live being a solid 90s rock band.


GMoney said...

Shit Town is a great name for a city and a song. I think that it's about Toledo. I love that track.

Tony B. said...

Ah yes, that is an excellent track as well. Can't go wrong with "Throwing Copper." Great album all the way through.

The Boxer Puppies said...

I loved Live and in fact saw them Live on more than one occasion. They flat out rocked I think they kind of got labeled as a soft band because of there biggest hit lightning crashes was kind of a little slower. All in all I think they have a great collection of songs.

Tony B. said...

I agree- I never saw them live, but think their catalog rocks. They have a few big ballad-y type hits, but as a whole they are a harder rocking band.

Dave@90songs said...

Great tracjs here - really interesting clips and I would have loved to see them live (along with about 100 other 90s bands). Great choice of 90s songs - share more!