Wednesday, May 11, 2011

90s Music: Toadies

This post could be short and sweet.  Toadies are a underrated band.  Now, I agree that their mainstream hit "Possum Kingdom" could be overrated, but it is a fantastic song nonetheless.  You know it and love it:

But how about some other tunes? For example-

"Tyler" - Did you even know this had an official video? No, you didn't. I know this because I didn't know until I searched on YouTube. This song is like a dirtier Weezer tune. Great hook, but very alternative.

"I Come From The Water" - Sick blues riff used for rock purposes. Want a piece of this song in acoustic form? Sure you do!

"Backslider" - I'm unsure why these guys were never bigger. These songs show a very strong base for them to develop. I know they are still together, but they are cursed as one-hit wonders. It's unfortunate.

"I Burn" - When I saw these guys live in the 90s, this song blew me away live.

Great band that deserves more credit. Enjoy rockin' out to these tunes.

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GMoney said...

Yeah, I'm not really sure that these guys earned their own day here. Although I do enjoy "I Come From The Water" just like every other alt-rock nerd from the 90's! The song would be a nice segue into another mid-90's obscure band and semi-hit, Seven Mary Three's "Water's Edge"!

Seven Mary Three was outstanding.