Monday, May 23, 2011

A Case of the Mondays: Non-Apocalypse Edition

So the Rapture never happened, eh?  Surprising to say the least.  I'm only assuming that God has gotten caught up watching "The Killing" and He wants to know WHO KILLED ROSIE?!  After the show is over, watch out Earth- you might be expendable. 


I played my first show in Danville at the Peasant & the Pear restaurant.  It was an interesting show.  Very slow off the start with an older woman telling me to continually to turn my volume down because she wanted to be able to hear the conversation at the table.  Besides yelling "FREE BIRD!" this might be the most bothersome request of a musician.  I get it, I'm not trying to blow anyone away at a restaurant or brewery, but I'm also hired to entertain.  They don't pay me money to turn off my PA and be as inconspicuous as possible.  Making hand motions at me with your back turned is even more patronizing.  In the end, they decided to move inside, but the younger woman in the party came up and told me I was doing a good job and that the older woman was "just old."  Agreed.

My friend Barrett came out and it was great to see him.  After the show, we packed up my stuff and went to another bar for a couple beers.  He had an app on his phone that controls the jukebox (it has to be a certain type and you have to purchase or gain credits.)  We kept choosing the "play it next" option which was probably confusing for the folks that had just put in $10 worth of Ke$ha or whatever they were playing.  How about you enjoy some "Rich Girl?"  We eventually put on "Pony" by Ginuwine which made the rest of the people go crazy again.  It was a fun time.


Mrs. B. and I spent a good portion of the day re-arranging our apartment.  Since we need to re-group before going on the house hunt again, we decided to freshen up the apartment.  It's amazing what you'll find when you move your large and heavy furniture.  We now have double the amount of cat toys because we found so many under the wardrobe.   It is unfortunate that our brand of wardrobe makes cat toys appear rather than transporting us to Narnia, but I digress. 

In the evening, we went to hang out with our friends Erik and Natalie who just bought a house in the Carmichael area.  I really like their house, I very much enjoy that they have a pool table, dinner was fantastic and they have a tiny little kitty named Roxie running around.  It was an overall fantastic time! 


Admittedly, Sunday was less productive than planned.  I did a few loads of laundry and we did get to the gym, but I wanted to do more work around the apartment.  However, I got caught up watching the Heads-Up Poker Challenge (Eric Seidel is good, all of Seidel's river cards were even better), then the Sharks game (yikes), then eventually watched the Bulls and Cubs (ouch and ouch.)  It was quite the depressing sports day, I'll tell you that. 

And last, for Joakim Noah- did you watch the Laker PSA on slurs?  C'mon man!  You're definitely going to get fined at least $100,000 for directing a derogatory slur at a fan.  As a reminder:


GMoney said...

So are you becoming a believer that the Brewers are way better than the Cubs yet? Because Bernie Brewer is hitting his stride now while the Cubs can't even beat the Red Sox twice (fuckers).

Tony B. said...

I don't know about WAY better, but the Brewers are better than the Cubs. The Cubs have made it clear that they are not a competitive team this year and I am enjoying baseball season much less since coming to that conclusion.

Besides, the Cubs are ridiculously injured. They lost 2 of their 5 starters the first week of the season. Also, it looks to me like facial fractures hurt a lot. I hope Marlon Byrd is ok.

Brandon said...

Doing a sweep under the couches is like a little monthly Christmas for our cats. It's taught me how I'm sure most parents feel about Christmas: happy at how excited your kids are to play with their new toys, but annoyed about the noise they're making. I envision a recurring theme of December 26 to be throwing my kids outside so I can enjoy a cocktail.

The Cubs might be doing better if Dempster hadn't been completely victimized so far. I don't know if you read fangraphs but this article on Dempster's struggles was pretty good:

I don't know what's worse: believing that Dempster is a bad pitcher, or believing that the universe is aligning against the Cubs once again.

GMoney said...

I would think that losing Randy Wells and Whogivesashit Cashner would be a good thing.