Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Case of the Mondays: Tuesday Edition

That was a solid weekend!  Besides the Cubs being just a terrible, terrible baseball team- the rest of the weekend was fun. 


I played music at my friends' wedding in Placerville.  Jenelle and Dustin had an extremely fun wedding with great food and a Chicago tribute band!  Pretty sweet stuff.  I played a little bit during the ceremony, then ran down to the reception site and played during the cocktail hour.  After that, I was free to hang out and mingle which was a lot of fun.  I'm proud to have been involved and congrats to Jenelle and Dustin!


Moving forward from the home buying debacle, we are rearranging our apartment to give us a fresh living space.  So far so good as we've been putting ancillary items in storage and utilizing the space more effectively.  I have to give Mrs. B. a lot of credit, she's quite the interior designer and it really hasn't broken the bank. 

Later in the day, we went to Katrina and John's for a quick snack, then it was off to Roseville for some roller skating.  Wait- what?!  That's right, roller skating.  In an event to recapture our youth, I purchased a Groupon that gave us entry, skate rental, pizza and soda.  Hilarious stuff.  Skating was ultimately fun, but unfortunately, none of the skates were great fits for our adult feet.  I know my ankles were a bit swollen the remainder of the weekend. 

After doing a kiddie activity, we had to redeem our adulthood by going to Thunder Valley Casino.  I had never been, but my impression was pretty much the same as any other California Indian Casino- not as good as anything in Nevada.  On par with the others, there was no real Craps, no sports betting, and no free drinks while gambling (all California laws- I'm sure they'd have it if those things were legal.)  Video Poker becomes the #1 game because I'm still not down with Blackjack or any of the other card table games. 

The gaming was ok.  I got down a decent amount and then got a 4 of a Kind to come back to almost even.  In the end, we drove back to Katrina and John's, had a few drinks and went to bed.  Good times. 


Sunday was fun because it involved sleeping in (we spent the night at K & J's) had an awesome breakfast, got to go swimming, John and I jammed on the guitars, then we BBQ'ed and watched baseball.  Solid day for sure.  Sure my fantasy baseball team is pathetic, but at least I could distract myself from that fact with fun activities. 


Mrs. B. and I went to the gym at 9am on our Memorial Day.  After getting in a solid workout returned home to keep working on our apartment.  It's looking much better than before and it allows for more overall space than before.  Mrs. B. also called Comcast because our bill keeps going up while our internet connection has regressed to 1998 dial up.  They gave us 6 months of HBO which is nice because I plan on catching up on Game of Thrones. 

The weekend was fun and relaxing- just the way Memorial Day should be.  This coming weekend I have 3 shows in 2 days so I'm sure I'll have more interesting stories, but for now I'm content with the fact that my boring weekend was just what I needed to recoup some energy. 


Mrs. B said...

Thanks for the shout out! You skipped the part where we rented roller blades because we just couldn't hang with the roller skates. $1 upgrade well spent.

Tony B. said...

Ya know, I also skipped over the ridiculous people we saw at the roller rink. However, I couldn't really hate on them too bad because we were actually there to witness the woman with massive arms in a pink tank top telling other skaters what they were doing wrong and the guy with jelly legs roller skating backwards the entire time. Definitely an interesting outing.

GMoney said...

Please tell me that that Dustin doesn't go by Dut.

I'm not going to lie or sugarcoat it, that sounds like a pretty boring weekend! That sounds like my kind of weekend actually.

Tony B. said...

Dustin does not go by Dut. Only jerks would go by that nickname!

It wasn't exciting, but I needed a low key weekend. Being an unglamorous weekend rocker can get tiring!

Tony B. said...

PS: Thanks for the text about Kevin Correia.

GMoney said...

Leading the NL in wins!

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