Monday, May 2, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

This weekend was a lot of fun- it just completely threw off my sleeping pattern.  I had a good one going, too.  Let's see why it was thrown off.


I helped out with Live Band Karaoke at the Blue Cue in Sacramento.  It was a blast.  Mrs. B. and some friends came out and she even came up and sang "Bust A Move" by Young MC with us.  That was our first musical partnership on stage and believe me, she CAN rap!  In fact, while rapping she, for no reason at all, has a ghetto Jersey accent.  It's awesome.  Has she ever been to Jersey?  Nope.  But that doesn't stop her from throwing down on the mic.

My friend John came up and sang two songs throughout the night.  First came "Banditos" by The Refreshments.  Such a great song- very underrated.  Next came "Possum Kingdom" by Toadies.  Also underrated.  It was fun rocking out on stage with John- we definitely represented 90s Rock.

Drama happened when Mrs. B. lost a couple diamonds out of two different rings (one diamond in each ring.)  After searching for many minutes, we amazingly were able to find them!  Now she has to get them re-set rather than replaced- which is nice because one of the diamonds was from her wedding band.  Don't want to lose those!


After sleeping for 4 solid hours, I woke my ass up EARLY and brought my car in for an oil change.  Did it need one?  Nope.  Do I have pre-paid maintenance that was expiring at 75,000 miles, so it was my last "free" oil change I could get?  Yes.

I got to the dealership at 7:23am hoping to be first in line.  When arriving, I got in line 4th.  I don't know who these people are that woke up that early, but you know what?  You all win.  I will not wake up any earlier.  You have officially defeated me and I just have to live with the fact that I'll never be first in line to get my car serviced. 

They got my car done fairly quickly, so I was happy about that.  The rest of the day unfolded this way:


Picked up the new cat tree we shipped to Mrs. B.'s Mom's house.  Our cat Cosmo turned 5 on Friday, so we gave him the gift of luxury.

Went to AT&T and got Mrs. B. a new phone.  Rusty, our AT&T associate, was helpful and friendly.  He also humored our jokes during the entire process.  Our highlight was making fun of the fat, white-trash guy in a white undershirt bumping tunes on one of the test phones.  I mean, he has to make sure that the phone will properly annoy people in public, and what better place to test this out in a cellular phone store? If he's going to be playing his music out loud in public, he needs to make sure other people around him will hear it clearly.

Put together the cat tree.

I took a quick nap.

Went to the new Red Robin in Woodland with John and Katrina.  It was actually very good.  Unlimited steak fries is an invention made by the calorie devil to tempt me into eating as many as I can.

We decided to keep the party going back at John and Katrina's house with drinks and Wii Bowling.  It was good times.


Mrs. B. and I spent the night to keep things safe.  Plus, Katrina and her were going out to antique stores and things of that nature the next morning.  John and I decided to watch the Sharks (*cough and go to Cache Creek cough*) vs. the Red Wings.  We had some extra money left on our player's cards to get free food.  We played some Video Poker and both hit 4 of Kind at some point.  Good times.

Eventually, the party came to an end.  The Sharks won.  The A's won (John is an A's fan.)  The Cubs lost, but Daniel Hudson's win gave me my first Fantasy Baseball win of the year.  Mrs. B. and I went home and I promptly slept through the announcement of Osama Bin Laden's assassination.

I'll make one quick point about that.  This is not a political blog- this blog is for fun, so I don't want to create a debate here.  This is a place to discuss music, sports, and Saved By The Bell.  However, for a moment, I'll give me opinion on this.

#1 - I am happy that the evil man responsible for the attacks on 9/11 was brought to some form of justice.  It is good. 

Going further though, you know when T.O. or someone like that scores a TD and then does a crazy dance that seems over the top?  Well, that's because it is.  When Barry Sanders used to score touchdowns, he would hand the ball to the ref because he'd been in the end zone countless times.  It also keeps the other team from adding bulletin board material for next time.  I believe the cliche is "act like you've been there before."  In this case, we as Americans need to realize that we have been there before throughout history.  We've won many wars and protected the world a number of times.  At times, this is a heavy burden (for instance, groups that don't agree with our culture or tactics take over planes and fly them into New York skyscrapers.)  There is a reason the NFL has put in place "excessive celebration" penalties and it has everything to do with potential retaliation from opposing teams. 

Celebrating in the streets and unleashing "in yo' face" gestures to the rest of the world (read as: Middle East/Al-Qaeda) is only going to piss them off and create more motivation for them to attack us again.  I mean, if they were pissed off about South Park potentially showing a cartoon version of Mohamed and threatening to kill Trey Parker and Matt Stone, I can only imagine how angry they are right now. 

The people in Pennsylvania had a vigil honoring the passengers from United 93- I feel like that was more appropriate.  This is a day to honor and appreciate our American rights.  

The U.S. really is, in my opinion, the best country in the world.  We may not always have the highest GDP or the lowest unemployment rates, but our overall freedoms are something to be very thankful for.  With that said, I'd like to quote Jeff Goldblum from "Jurassic Park."  This is in response to John Hammond and InGen creating dinosaurs.

"Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could [create dinosaurs], they didn't stop to think if they should. "

Just because we're allowed to publicly celebrate an evil tyrant's death and then broadcast said celebrations world wide, does not mean that we should. 

That being said, there is irony in what I just said.  Our freedom of speech actually protects and allows folks to celebrate in whatever way they see fit- and I wouldn't want the rules/laws to be any other way.  Just use caution and remember that we didn't just win the Super Bowl, we killed a figurehead.  There are far more dangerous enemies out there at this point.  And yes, you will still need to take your shoes off and get your sack checked through TSA checkpoints- now more than ever.

And so ends the weekend.  It was a good one.  I hope to get my sleeping schedule back on track.  Also, the house we bid on last week, but got rejected is back on the market.  I guess the buyer fell through.  We have increased our bid and are waiting to hear back.  Wish us luck!


Mrs. B said...

Although the ghetto fool at AT&T was wearing a white XXXLT undershirt, I assume he was a Raider's fan. You can smell their kind a mile away.

GMoney said...

Don't upset Raider Nation, Young M-She. "We" are a crafty and resourceful bunch hellbent on vengeance toward those who have wronged us. Or something.

Shut up with your politics. All you need to know is that right now, in some asylum in upstate New York, Hacksaw Jim Duggan has been "HOOOOOOOO-ing" for the last 18 hours (and counting).

Daniel Hudson helped me get my first win this week, too! And I rewarded him this week by benching him in lieu of Bart Colon! FYI, Ryan went to three of the four games in AZ this weekend.

Tony B. said...

Raider Nation is so powerful that it will prevent us from going to the Coliseum this year when the Bears come to town.

I love any excuse to reference old school (read as- not current) patriotic wrestlers.

I have never been to a game in AZ, though I need to go one of these days. Spring Training or D'Backs. Either way sounds like a good time.

Tony B. said...

Also- political or not, you really didn't enjoy me bringing "Chaos Theory" expert Ian Malcolm into the discussion?

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