Friday, May 27, 2011

Chicago Bulls: The Season Ends With A Thud

The title sounds epic, but I truly don't have much fire power left to really give a full review of the Bulls' season.  I'm going to give a quick list of my biggest impressions of the baby Bulls' 2010-2011 run.

- Derrick Rose took his giant step forward into super-stardom.  The MVP of the league is only 22 years old.  He will only get better and better.

- I did NOT expect the Bulls to grab the #1 seed in the East.  Before the season, the 3 seed was the ceiling that I believed they could achieve.  They proved me wrong and exceeded expectations.  This is a huge positive step in the right direction.

- Taj Gibson will be a great player.  Not a #1 guy, but a great third piece on some team.  It would be too bad if the Bulls have to give him up...

- Speaking of which, now that the season is over for the Bulls, rumors of Dwight Howard being available need to be followed up on by the front office.  I know the Lakers could be the more likely destination, but word is that the Lake-Show won't give up young big man/stripper Andrew Bynum in exchange for Superman.  Good luck with all that, LA.  Come up with a competitive package Bulls, and get it done.

- Joakim Noah is a great defender, but his goofy offense allows defenses to sag in, crowd the lane and create problems for Derrick Rose.  Also, Noah did not pay attention to Kobe's commercial about not using homophobic slurs.  He could be trade bait as part of the package that gets D. Howard.

- Carlos Boozer is overpaid.  Sometimes I like his post moves, other times I'm annoying by his slow, overhead shooting form.  He should have spent a summer with my high school coach- his shot would've been much, much improved.

- Tom Thibodeau is a very good coach.  He definitely is the right guy in Chicago.  Unfortunately, he was actually out-coached by boy wonder, Eric Spoelstra in the Eastern Conference Finals.  I'm interested to watch the adjustments that Thibs will make next year.

- I'm now cheering for the Mavs.  I really, really hate the Heat.

In the end, I'm more interested in NBA basketball than I have been in years.  Once the Bulls won 6 championships in the 90s, I never thought I would be able to enjoy basketball again.  How could I ever feel attached to a team when I already experienced the greatness of Jordan and Pippen?  Well, this Bulls team got me.  I was emotionally invested and their loss to the Heat hurts.  In a way, it's a good thing.  Not good that they lost, but good that my love for the Bulls has returned to distract me from the Cubs terrible season thus far.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and I'll see you back here next week!


GMoney said...

Trade official:

I got Jered Weaver and Sam Fuld (while dropping Volquez for JP Arencibia) for Carlos Santana and Sizemore.

Even when healthy, Grady wasn't cracking my Braun-McCutcheon-Stubbs OF anyway.

Weaver really helps me out in case Josh Johnson misses more than 2 weeks.

GMoney said...

About the Bulls:

1. The better team won.
2. Joakim Noah was the least valuable player of the series for not only doing nothing on offense, but allowing Bosh to be effective.
3. Rose shoots way too much.
4. Kurt Thomas should have played more than Asik and Gibson COMBINED. He'd been there many times before, he knows what he's doing. Biggest error that Thibs made.
5. Kyle Korver and Mike Miller guarding each other down the stretch set the game of hoops back 40 years.
6. Boozer's flagrant foul last night that swung the game was a HOF-worthy stupid foul.
7. You have no chance of getting Howard. You don't have anything besides Rose that Orlando would want.
8. Boozer's deal is going to seriously hurt in the future.
9. GO MAVS!!!

Tony B. said...

Some great points. I disagree about Howard though. Noah, Gibson, and maybe another player or one of the Bulls two 1st Round picks could get it done. Its a better package than the Lakers come up with if they refuse to part with Bynum.

Great trade. Damman let fandom dictate the trade. Should work about for you.

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