Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank You Notes

Unsure when I will stop being thankful, but soon we'll find a new Thursday schtick... for now- Jimmy Fallon's sketch is stolen again.  (PS: Don't forget to buy the Thank You Notes book on at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern today.)

Dear Silverchair,

Thank you for breaking up.  I had no idea you were still together.  I like most of your material, but didn't feel like there was much of a chance of your playing the CA State Fair, which is probably the only place I'd go to see you these days. 

Wait 'til tomorrow,
Tony B.


Dear Dallas Mavericks,

Thank you for beating the OKC Thunder last night.  I promise I will cheer for you if the Heat beat the Bulls tonight (or in any of the next 3 potential games.)  This would be a complete role reversal from 2006 when I watched a finals game inside the ESPN Zone in Las Vegas and cheer for D. Wade and Shaq.  Any Heat sympathy has sailed this past summer.

Good luck,
Tony B.


Dear Barry Bonds,

Thank you for offering to pay for any college bills accrued by Bryan Stow's two children.  That is a sincerely nice gesture and really goes a long way during this horrible predicament the Stow family has gone through. 

Somebody wants to earn some good will to get into the Hall, eh,
Tony B.


Dear Mario Kart,

Thank you for being the most fun video game series ever.  Side note: Thank you Blue Shells for being the most frustrating and annoying weapon in any video game ever. 

"I'm the best!"
Tony B.


Dear Buster Posey,

There's no thank you here- just get better.  Holy crap you got lit up at the plate!  That was a bad collision.  Maybe... thank you SF Giants, in advance, for changing Posey's position in the field after he's better.  Ouch.

Get well soon,
Tony B.


Dear Hangover Part II,

Thank you for potentially being as good as the first one.  I know that is probably not possible, and that I will ultimately set expectations too high before going in to see it, but it does give me something to look forward to.

To the Wolfpack,
Tony B.


GMoney said...

Since Damman's already poor fantasy bball lineup just got worse with Posey's shattered leg, I'm about to trade Carlos Santana and Markakis for either Sabathia or Jered Weaver. Thanks, Buster!

I'll just grab a catcher off the scrap heap since they are worthless in fantasy baseball anyway since most take 2 days off per week. Lazy bums.

Speaking of the Giants, when is The Franchise going to air? I caught the preview half hour but where the hell is the rest of it?

I have a feeling that The Hangover II is going to suck. Much like the 2nd time I watched the original, it was significantly less funny. Mr. Chow is just unfunny and adding a monkey in lieu of the baby and Heather Graham's sweet jugs is a BAD decision.

Tony B. said...

Wow, you just caught quite a "break" G$. I know all about catchers taking days off- Joey Sideburns has been off for over a month now! It's not helping my team.

I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE FRANCHISE IS. Brandon, if you're reading today, do you know when it will air? That preview episode was excellent.

Bringing back smaller role characters from the first movie seems like a bad idea. I don't see how they can justify running into Mr. Chow or Mike Tyson. I'm also mad that Liam Neeson's part was cut out of the movie due to re-shoots (he wasn't available so they replaced him.) Felicity Shagwell's absence is a whole other issue!

Brandon said...

July 13th, according to the Showtime website. No, I don't know why they're waiting that long.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to crying over the remains of Buster Posey, my fantasy team, and possibly the Giants' season.

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