Wednesday, June 1, 2011

90s Music: Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins are a fantastic band.  They are also a band that I'm at a slight disadvantage writing about.  You see, when I was growing up, I didn't enjoy the Pumpkins as much as I do now.  I'm extremely familiar with their hits, but going really deep into their catalog will be a little more of a challenge.  I'll do my best as this is officially post #700.  That's a lot of writing!  One would think I should've been writing a novelization of my life instead.  However, since my capability as a writer pales in comparison to Snookie- there is no chance that I too could be a best selling novelist.  On with the tunes!

"Siva" - From the Pumpkins' first record, "Gish," "Siva" has quite a rockin' groove.  It breaks right into a heavy riff and Jimmy Chamberlain's drumming carries the song all the way through.  Not a bad way to break onto the scene if you ask me.  Does anyone else think that John Hamm would be the perfect person to play Jimmy Chamberlain in a movie about Smashing Pumpkins?

"Disarm" - One of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs. I'm certain Billy Corgan would not be pleased to know I've started playing the chorus of this song at the end of "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga, but hey- what am I gonna do? I needed something to balance out the fact that I'm playing Lady Gaga acoustically.

"Mayonaise" - I really like the slow build up of this song and the way the guitars build off of each other. I know I could've chosen a number of other songs off of "Siamese Dream"- but this song rules.

"Zero" - What dirty guitar riff! This song doesn't quit hitting your ears with this most pleasant distortion. Put this one in the same category as "Bullet With Butterfly Wings." I enjoy them both, but I like "Zero" just a bit better.

"Bodies" - Putting out a double album was a brave choice to follow up on "Siamese Dream." Back then, you'd need kids/teens/fans to make a $30 commitment to buy the album. By the time you finish with the first disc, you wonder, "do I even need more?" Then you hear "Bodies" and you realize "yes- yes I do need more!" The album is 9 times platinum in the US, so it obviously worked out.

"1979" - You want the song that is quite possibly the Pumpkins' biggest, most defining hit? Ok- here it is.

"Perfect" - I think "Adore" is an underrated album. Oddly, I owned this CD, but never owned "Siamese Dream." I'm unsure how I pulled that off, but it's the truth. "Perfect" is a calming song that is so well written it makes me jealous. It is not a bad song to listen to when stressed or when needing to relax. Great stuff.

"Eye" - You almost thought I was going to forget this one, eh? Nope. The use of synthesizers in this one puts on a clinic! From the "Lost Highway" soundtrack (that also features "The Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails)- this weaves its way through different moods and gives the listener a great overall experience.

"The End Is The Beginning Is The End" - It's hard to really support this song since it was part of the "Batman and Robin" soundtrack. Everyone involved with the production of that movie deserves 10 lashes in public. However, the song rocks and is worth a listen.

So there you have it. What are your favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs? Did you enjoy my list? How is it possible I've made it to 700 posts?  These questions answered and more in the comments section...


GMoney said...

I'm not a big Pumpkins fan simply because I can't handle extended bouts of Billy Corgan's voice, but I'm always down for hearing Disarm or Today at a bar. And it always leads to me slurring, "this song freaking rules".

Tony B. said...

I think that's why I didn't get into them initially. Corgan's voice is a little too whiny to put them into the absolutely elite 90s bands (Nirvana, STP, Pearl Jam, etc.) but I have grown a much greater appreciation for them over the years.

It was fun playing "Today" when I was doing regular Live Band Karaoke. Great tune.

Clarkster said...

Congrats on making it to post number 700 It's one of my everyday reads...very enjoyable. Are you still playing the farmers market on Saturday we were looking forward to coming out and seeing you play. Maybe throw in a few requests. Hope to see you on Saturday.

Tony B. said...

Bad news Clarkster- due to scheduling error, I'm not play Saturday. Mrs B is also bummed- we love getting our vegetables there! I'll keep you updated for next time!

Tony B. said...

I am playing Saturday night in Concord, though. But that would be quite a drive.