Friday, June 3, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Update

Before diving into Fantasy Baseball, let me remind folks that I'm playing tonight (Friday) at the Boxing Donkey in Roseville (9:30pm) and tomorrow at EJ Phair in Concord (7pm.)  Come on out for a fun time and you can yell for "Freebird" until I smash my own guitar in rage.  Seriously though, don't do that.

My Fantasy Baseball team has been a struggle this year.  First, let's look at my keepers:

C Joe Mauer
1B Justin Morneau
2B Chase Utley
OF Carl Crawford
SP Roy Oswalt
RP Jonathan Papelbon

Before the season, this crew looked much better than it looks now.  Mauer was "healthy."  Morneau was coming back from injury, but should've been fine.  Utley was also reported to be mostly healthy (deadline for keepers was around March 1.)  Carl Crawford had just signed a new deal to go to a park where he should have quite an advantage.  Oswalt was aging, but still should be solid on a fantastic team.  Papelbon is always pretty consistent.

In reality, ALL of these guys have either gotten hurt, been hurt for longer than anticipated, or severely underachieved.  Not to mention that I traded my #2 pick for the #12 and #13 picks in the draft.  These picks turned into Shin-Soo Choo and Edison Volquez.  A DUI and trip to the minors later (respectively) and those picks look horrible.

But fear not!  I haven't given up hope, so I decided to wheel and deal.  Here is my latest trade scenario that went down last night.

I looked over our "On The Block" page to see which players were theoretically available via trades.  One team was looking for Outfielders and Starting Pitchers and had Jose Reyes and Clayton Kershaw on the block.  I didn't totally understand why, but I figured I'd see what I could do.  So I offered:

Crawford, Oswalt and Elvis Andrus FOR Reyes and Kershaw

This was rejected, but the guy's counteroffer was as follows:

Crawford, Oswalt and Andrus FOR Reyes and Jered Weaver

To which I said- you got yourself a deal, sir!

Earlier in the year I had picked up Alex Gordon so he'll slot in at OF (with Choo and Drew Stubbs) while Morneau can move from my bench to Utility (Paul Konerko is my 1B now because he is awesome.)

My line up will now be:

C Russell Martin
1B Konerko
2B Utley
3B Alberto Callaspo
SS Reyes
OF Stubbs
OF Choo
OF A. Gordon
U Morneau

And my pitchers will be:

SP Weaver
SP Anibal "The Cannibal" Sanchez
SP Zach Britton
SP Daniel Hudson
SP Aaron Harang, Freddie Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Fausto Carmona, or Edison Volquez (should get called up soon)
RP Jose Valverde
RP Jon Papelbon

So we're getting there.  This is a 12 team head to head points league, so I'm hoping I just improved my team.  Next move is to figure out an upgrade at 3B.  I have Howie Kendrick coming off the DL so many I can trade him for a better 3B.  Maybe I can trade Russell Martin when Mauer comes back as well.  He is the #4 Catcher in our league at the moment! 

I need my team to perform better because there is literally no hope of the Cubs turning their season towards a positive direction.  That is one thing I'm sure of.  Have a great weekend!


Brandon said...

Nice trade, as I said. With Zimmerman out since week 2, Ethier under performing, Posey out for the year, and Josh Johnson having issues, I too know the pain of keepers imploding.

Tony B. said...

Indeed, Brandon. I feel bad for you. Either looked like he was going to be a monster this year, but has fallen off. I like Zimmerman when healthy and obviously Posey and Johnson are killers. Hopefully we can both pull through this rough stretch.

GMoney said...

Elvis Andrus is fucking terrible. I've never understood why some people think that he's good. I just tried to package him and Pedroia (another guy who is VASTLY overrated in Fantasy) for Jered Weaver. It was rejected. Smart fella.

Why would you want Kershaw over Weaver exactly??? And Im saying this to the guy who you traded with.

In hindsight, you may have the worst keepers from last year ever.

Any chance that Posey was dumped? It would be a saavy play to stash him on your bench for the rest of the year only to keep him next season. Whoops, just read the comments, HOLD ON TO HIM, BRANDON!

Brandon said...

I'm hanging onto Posey, don't worry. If by some miracle my team starts dominating at the trade deadline, Posey and Strasburg might be shopped around to teams out of contention. Or I'll just wait til next year.

Tony B. said...

I'm not exactly sure why he wanted Kershaw over Weaver, but I was more than happy to accept his trade offer.

I may have had the worst keepers ever, but given my squad, I made the rational, correct decisions. They just haven't worked out, so I changed my team name to "The Perfect Storm." My icon is George Clooney yelling before he's about to go down with the ship.

GMoney said...

At least you have one keeper for next year...Bartolo Colon.

Tony B. said...

Given his fountain of youth- i mean, stem cell treatment- that he found, you might be right!

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