Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Disney Movie Club

Recently, I joined the Disney Movie Club to expand my Marvel, Disney, and Pixar Blu Ray collection.  Right off the bat, you get 5 movies for $1, if you use a referral link (which is better than the standard offer of 4 for $1.)  Before joining, I did some research and found many negative reviews about the club.  I would sum up the issues as follows:

- There is a monthly movie that is offered to members.  If you do not respond, Disney automatically charges you and mails the movie out.  The club offers both online and mail in response options.  If you stay on top of it, which is easy to do by logging in online when the email notification shows up, it is easy to avoid an automatic purchase.

- The club requires you to buy 4 movies at regular price ($19.95 or more) and with the additional shipping cost, those purchases can be pricey.  There are additional discounts available (for example, buy 1, get one 40% off) that even out the cost of the pricey purchases (it is basically $50 out the door for 2 Blu Ray discs including shipping, which is similar to purchasing at other retailers.)

- The shipping is slow, especially compared to Amazon Prime.  If you set your expectations for the shipping to be slow, it ends up being no big deal and a nice surprise when they show up.

- The movies show up with and without slip covers, and it seems to be random.  In my first batch of movies, the following had slip covers: Captain America: First Avenger, Thor: Ragnarok, Beauty and the Beast, and Monsters Inc. (Monsters Inc. was purchased additional to my initial offer.)  These movies did not have slip covers: Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Iron Man 2, and Doctor Strange.

If this already sounds good, then use my REFERRAL LINK to sign up, but I do have more tips for you to maximize becoming a member in the Disney Movie Club.

1) When you first sign up, pick your first 5 and begin the checkout process.  There is an offer to add two more movies at a discounted rate.  DO THIS.  It counts as 1 of your 4 required movie purchases, and your total ends up being less than $30 for 7 movies.

2) I decided to pre-order Avengers: Infinity War and did the buy one get one at 40% off.  Because Infinity War isn't out yet, the club charged me $20 for my additional movie and sent it out.  The split shipping charge will work out in my favor later when Infinity War ships and charges me in August.  Using this pre-order seems to be a good tactic to spread out required purchases, and I will likely use it for Solo as well.  If you know you're going to purchase movies anyway over the next two years, then purchasing them through the Club isn't too much more expensive than other retailers, and you get the bonus of the initial free ones.

3) Use the Disney Movie Rewards!  I never realized that the digital codes doubled as rewards in addition to redeeming the digital movie version of the film.  It does require an additional online account, but it's worth it.  Most movies include 150 points, so your first 7 movies should get you over 1,000 points.  If you have movies you've previously purchased, check in the cases and see if you still have the digital codes or rewards codes.  I ended up having around 4,000 points and got Brave (2000 points) and Ratatouille (1325 points) Blu Rays for a total of $4.23.

I've been very pleased so far, and I haven't had problems turning down the monthly offer through my online account.  If you are want expand your Disney movie collection and plan to buy movies anyway (I tend to buy most new Marvel and Star Wars movies), the club ends up being a good deal.  Make sure to use the REFERRAL LINK to get 5 movies for $1 instead of just 4 and enjoy!

I will update as time goes on or if I find any snags with the process.  So far, so good, though!