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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fantasy Football Champion

My bunch of rag-tag grinders actually WON the fantasy football championship this week.  True, I ended up starting Rex Grossman this week (over Tim Tebow, which was a mistake) but it was enough to win by 14 points.  Matt Forte and the Pats D were the two biggest factors in my victory. 

Going into Tuesday night I was up 17 and my opponent (Clarkster's brother) had the Eagles D.  I was a bit worried because I figured that the Eagles would win and that the Vikings would have a hard time doing anything (see last week vs. the Bears.)  However, my fears were unfounded as Joe Webb and the Vikings D came up huge.  Not only did they help me out to bring a fantasy football championship home, their victory also allows the Bears a guaranteed first round bye in the playoffs.  Talk about your 1-2 punch of bliss!  It was a good night! 

That's about it.  My break from work is going quite well.  I'm working out every day and getting things done.  Yesterday, Mrs. B. and I brought our cats to the vet for their shots- how exciting!  As you can tell, things are going well...

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

This weekend was not the most productive for me, but I was able to watch the Red Zone Channel on Sunday morning (adding to my lack of productivity), so let's talk some football:

Bears vs. Bills - What a terrible game.  It was so bad that I think the Red Zone channel went to this game maybe 3 times.  Jay Cutler was unimpressive, but at least he didn't throw any interceptions (one lost fumble, though.)  Almost getting beat by the Zero Win Buffalo Bills is not the way to instill confidence in the Bears' fan-base, but a win is a win.  After losing a couple games that they should have won, I'm happy to say the Bears ruined Chris Berman's Sunday. 

Chargers vs. Texans - Phillip Rivers keeps tearing the league up with his arm (which hasn't led to as many Charger wins as one might think) but I'm more concerned with his opposition from Sunday.  I have Matt Schaub in one fantasy league and he has been under-performing to say the least.  Luckily, Peyton Hillis is also on that team so I was able to grasp a comfortable victory.  I am a bit worried about the long term viability of Schaub as my starting QB (Sam Bradford is my back up which is not the best option either.)  Why didn't I title this section "My Yahoo Fantasy Football League?" 

The San Francisco 49ers - They didn't lose this week!  A week without a loss is a successful week, in my book- and probably in Coach Singletary's book as well.

Jets vs. Lions - Is there any team that the NFL loves more than the Jets?  First, there was this year's Hardknocks that followed this Jets team.  Then, there was the constant talk on ESPN about whether Mark Sanchez is ready to guide this team to a Super Bowl.  Now, I see that the Red Zone channel can almost be called "The channel with the Jets game on it."  After being held to 3 points in the first half, the Jets made a comeback and beat the Lions.  The first half of the game was boring, so why did I see so much of it?

Cowboys vs. Packers - The Sunday nighter was out of hand almost immediately.  The Cowboys are a bad, bad football team.  I'm not sure how they got to be this bad, but they are.  This makes me think back to what a great win I thought the Bears got when they beat Jerry Jones' crew, but now I see it was actually just another easy win that the Bears were lucky to get. 

My ESPN Fantasy Football Team - Luckily, I played against a team that scored 37 points so I will easily win this week.  Both my teams sputtered to start the season, but have come back to be 5-4 and right in the thick of the playoff hunt.  This league has my 3 RB system of LT, Forte and Burner Turner which helps overcome my lack of quality at the QB position (Palmer and McNabb.) 

I'd love to also talk about Brett Favre- no, wait- actually I would not like to talk about him.  How is it possible that I see his postgame press conferences every week?

Raider Nation looks to be back.  After a sad loss to the Niners a few weeks back, they have since hammered the Broncos, destroyed the Seahawks, and beat the first place Chiefs in overtime.  Get ready for the Super Bowl Oak-town.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantasy Football Draft #2 + Update

First things first- I'm a finalist for the Be The High Roller contest through the Peppermill in Reno!  Make sure you go to the website and "join my entourage."  It takes a second and will help me in my quest to become the High Roller!

Second, similar to yesterday, I have a draft to review.  This league has the standard 6 points per passing TD built into it's scoring.  Here is the first round:

1) Chris Johnson
2) My pick of Adrian Peterson 
3) MJD
4) Ray Rice
5) Frank Gore
6) Michael Turner
7) Andre Johnson
8) Ryan Mathews
9) Randy Moss
10) Shonn Greene (worst spelling ever)

By round, here are my picks:

2) Calvin Johnson
3) Matt Schaub
4) Beanie Wells
5) Ronnie Brown
6) Hines Ward
7) Brent Celek (again?!)
8) Jerome Harrison
9) Clinton Portis
10) Robert Meachem
11) Dez Bryant
12) Green Bay D
13) Chad Henne
14) Bernard Berrian
15) Austin Collie
16) Mason Crosby (Damn you Packers!!!)
17) Tashard Choice

So there is my second team of the year.  I guess we'll see how this one goes vs. the other league.  This league is only a 10 team league, but I did not feel in the zone during the whole draft.  It felt like a grind the whole time.  People taking the players I wanted left and right.  Oh well, hopefully it works out.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to purchase my new album in the sidebar.  Thanks!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fantasy Football Draft #1

Since I had the unluckiest run of all time during this past Fantasy Baseball season, I'm absolutely ready to get Fantasy Football started.  Yesterday I had my first draft of the year.  It was for Clarkster's Cali Keepers League that was started last year.  Unfortunately, the name is misleading because no keepers were actually kept this past year.  Four out of 12 of last year's owners dropped out of the league, so the commish decided to just re-draft and deal with keepers next year. 

The other thing about this league that is worth noting is that the QB position only gets 4 points for a touchdown pass.  On top of that, it's -2 per interception.  In my opinion, this makes the QB position a lot less valuable in the overall scheme of the league.  There is definite debate over whether the old adage "Always get Running Backs first" is still valid, but in a league with these parameters, I think it still walks tall like the Rock in that one movie- you know- "Mummy Returns." 

I wish there were an easy way to just post the whole draft, but I doubt anyone would read through the whole thing, anyway.  We'll go through the first round and the rest of my team.  Here are the highlights:

- Chris Johnson was picked first.  Surprise, surprise.
- Adrian Peterson was selected second by Clarkster.  Excellent selection.  I've heard rumblings of MJD being the better #2 pick, but I disagree with that train of thought. 
- Speaking of MJD, he went 3rd. 
- Ray Rice went 4th.  People are really high on him.  Probably because he's a savage. 
- Steven Jackson at 5.  Will he be good or suck just like the rest of his team?
- This is where things get crazy.  Remember what I said about QBs?  Watch the next few picks:
6) Aaron Rodgers
7) Drew Brees
8) Frank Gore (Good value at 8)
9) Peyton Manning
- This brings the draft to my pick.  I chose Michael Turner with no hesitation at 10.  Thank you rest of the league for letting him drop to me!
- The first round ended with Andre Johnson at 11 and Randy Moss at 12. 

As it snaked back to me, I decided to keep rolling with RBs.  Ryan Grant of the dastardly Packers was my next pick at 15.  Here is a list of my remaining picks:

34) Marques Colston
39) Matt Forte (Excellent value, yes?)
58) Hines Ward
63) Brent Celek (The clock ran out on me and I was deciding between Celek, Javid Best, and Pierre Garcon- not terrible, but probably my worst pick of the draft value-wise)
82) Donovan McNabb (that's right G$- I'm rolling with the 'Skins QB.  Although, because I don't have that much faith in the guy...)
87) Carson Palmer ( I had to draft this guy as well.  Not a bad QB tandem)
106) LaDainian Tomlinson (do the electric glide!)
111) Joey Galloway
130) Golden Tate
135) Laurence Maroney
154) Jeremy Shockey
159) Mason Crosby (did I really need the Packers' kicker as well?  There's no loyalty in Fantasy Football)
178) Patriots D (I may have to find a better Defense- we'll see...)
183) Anthony Gonzalez (how quickly we forgot about this speedy white boy after he was hurt most of last year)
202) Josh Cribbs
207) Fred Taylor (This was an autodraft selection- but not a bad one.  Now I get to see who starts between Taylor and Maroney.) 

So there's my team.  I like it for a 12 team head-to-head league.  Let me know what you think.  I have a Yahoo draft tonight for a league that actually gives QBs 6 points for TD passes.  Just the way I like it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're Going With #6

The time has come in my ESPN Fantasy Football League to go with Jay Cutler for a week. You see, Mr. Thomas Edward Brady, Jr. has the week off, and my only QB option is my favorite diabetic, Jay Cutler. This makes me a bit nervous because I have watched #6 play the last two weeks and the results were less than thrilling. The passing yards are there (300 and 251) but the touchdown to interception ratio is not (2/2 and 1/3.)

Things aren't all bad, though. The Bears are playing at home against the inept Cleveland Browns. The Browns have scored in single digits four out of seven games and are the only team in the NFL that uses their own helmet as their logo. The Browns can't decide on which terrible quarterback to start, traded their best wide receiver after he fought with LeBron James' friend (what!?), and Eric Mangini looks to be a calm, cool, stress free 450 lbs.

As far as fantasy football goes, I'm feeling ok about starting Cutler this week. As far as being a Bears fan, I'm a little hesitant about the extension the Bears gave Cutler. He's now locked up through 2013 and he will now receive $20 million more in new money. Don't get me wrong, I think he's very good, and the Bears might as well lock him up based on all the draft picks they gave up, but I'm worried about his erratic play.

His occasional fits of multiple interceptions remind me of another quarterback near and dear to Bears' fans' hearts- Sexy Rexy Grossman. The Sex Cannon was amazing at times, and then was down-right amazingly horrible at other times. It's a little hard to figure out how Grossman was playing for the Bears just last year, and all the fans hated him because of his lack of ball protection, so the Bears cut him. Almost immediately, the Bears trade a quarterback who does protect the ball (Kyle Orton) and many draft picks for a guy who seems to be quite similar to Grossman (Cutler.)

Do I think Jay Cutler is better than Rex Grossman? Of course I do. Am I behind the contract extention? Yes I am. But does it worry me to see that #6 already has 10 interceptions through six games? You betcha.

Here's to hoping it all works out- this week and in the future.