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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

I'm off of work today for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and if you're not, feel free to call your boss racist!  (Or recognize that you more than likely work for a private company rather than a public institution.)  Let's talk about the weekend:

Mrs. B. and I have been working to clear out our apartment of junk.  We have limited space and it gets crowded easily.  The last few weeks, though, we've been really working hard to clean up.  Since we were meeting a group of friends for dinner at 7pm in Sacramento on Saturday night, I had the bright idea to invite our friends John and Katrina over to watch football before we left for dinner.  I would've invited everybody, but our apartment is not big enough!  It was nice to do this because we rarely have company over due to our lack of space and John and Katrina have us over quite often.  It was nice to be able to return the favor.

In honor of this special occasion, I went and grabbed a bottle of Gentleman Jack and some snacks.  The bottle of GJ was well worth it.  That stuff is delicious!  Katrina and Mrs. B. went out to run some errands while John and I watched the second half of the Steelers/Ravens game and the beginning of the Packers/Falcons game.  During that time, we were able to finish the bottle of GJ (750 ml.)  We were definitely humming by the time we got to dinner, but luckily the ladies were driving, so we were safe (as we always are- don't drink and drive!)

Dinner at Lucca in Sacramento was delicious, but I definitely burned my mouth without knowing it while eating my pasta with chicken.  It was all water for me at dinner which was good.  We kept checking the score of the Falcons/Packers game and it was damn impressive what the Pack were able to do to the #1 seed Falcons in their own building.

After dinner, it was over to our friends' Jen and Brandon's house where we broke out Rock Band 2 and got after it.  Mrs. B. told me Sunday that "Not every song you sang was a hit."  Hilarious!  Apparently, drunken singing makes me a lot worse, but hey- that's life I guess.

Socially, that was the peak of the weekend.  Football-wise, we all know I enjoyed 10am - 1pm on Sunday A LOT.  So, let's talk some football.

- The Ravens blew a golden opportunity to beat their rivals the Steelers.  Did you know that Joe Flacco has never beat the Steelers when Big Ben starts?  That's still true because of some awful plays and decisions by the Ravens (and the Steelers get by with a little help from the refs, gonna try with a little help from the refs...)  Oh well, the Ravens are boring anyway.

- The Packers obviously destroyed the Falcons in the Georgia Dome.  I can't speak to the entire game because I didn't watch and was pretty toasty during the game, but the Packer are a scary team.  Another fun fact- did you know that Tony Gonzales has never won a playoff game?  Yikes.  Doesn't seem like it could be possible, but it is very true.

- The Jets beat the Patriots.  This is pretty funny.  I don't care for the Jets, but it's not like I'm BFFs with Tom Brady either.  In fact, if the Bears are able to advance to the Super Bowl, I think the Jets and Steelers are both more beatable than the Patriots.  Look what Tom Brady did to them in Chicago already this year.

- BEAR DOWN!  I don't care if that victory was against the awful Seattle Seahawks.  The Seahawks beat a good Saints team and in fact did win more playoff games than the Patriots, Falcons, and Eagles this year so I don't want to hear it.  Jay Cutler really, really, really impressed me.  His pass to Greg Olsen on the first drive was fantastic.  His pass to Kellen Davis later in the game was phenomenal as well.

Cutler did make one AWFUL pass right to a Seahawk defender in the end zone, but fortunately for the Bears, the defender was not able to intercept the ball.  I was also disappointed in the defense at the end of the game, but I think they let up a bit because they knew they had things under control.  Good thing they didn't allow the dreaded back-door cover.  I didn't have money on the game, but I like when the Bears win and cover.

This sets up a great NFC Championship match-up.  These teams know each other, play close games, and represent a storied rivalry in the NFL.  I can't believe they have not played each other in the postseason since one week after the attack on Pearl Harbor!  (I'm full of fun facts today!)

This game should grab great ratings.  I'm also pumped that the Bears get to host the game.  That should work in their favor a little bit.  I'm going to have a hard time being patient knowing this Sunday will be an all out slugfest.  Like a little kid waiting for Christmas, these days are going to drag on.


Overall, great weekend, and hopefully I can make the best of my day off today.  Rock on MLK, Jr.!  I'm not sure you'd be proud of our world today, but I do think we've made strides in the right direction.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tweet Tuesday

I'm going to try something new here because a) I can, b) I'm unoriginal, and c) I don't have anything else planned.  As many (few?) of you know, you can find me on Twitter at  I occasionally write funny and/or thought provoking content (yeah, right) so I'm posting things I've already written or things I will post today.  The only catch is that they all must be less than 140 characters.  Let's get it on!

1) How much do Cam and Cecil Newton make in incentive bonuses for tonight?

2) Troy Aikman seems to love that .

3) I'm naturally cheering for the Packers. I either hate or want the to face the Seahawks. ?

4) OK- so do the Niners tank the season to make sure they get Andrew Luck in 2012?

5) I want Harbaugh to say "I'm excited- I can feel it in my plums..."

6) So Ted Williams' unfrozen head was homeless and now has the voice of an angel?

7) @ NBA Fundamentally Sound Lay Up (this is a hashtag where you take names of video games and make them less ambitious- it's fun, you should try it!)

8) WWRFD?  I ask myself that every day- what would Ric Flair do?  WOOOOOOO!  

9) In conversation told someone "that's why Nickelback's music is so bad." They said, "Actually, I'm a fan..."  #UGH 

10) Coffee is the lifeblood of champions! #Ditka

11) Is it just me or is #AmericanDad better than #FamilyGuy currently?

12) After watching the Bachelor with my wife, I'm unimpressed with the talent on this show.  You know what I'm sayin'.  #uaintgotnoalibi

That was fun and easy.  Maybe I'll try to improve it next week.  What was up with Troy Aikman mentioning the Bone Formation over and over and over on Sunday?  That guy needs help.  And a new announcing partner. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Well, well, well... that was HIGHLY unexpected this weekend.  I'm speaking of the NFL playoffs, of course!

- The Seahawks get it done.  Anybody remember what I wrote on Friday?  Here's a refresher:

Dear Seattle Seahawks (and by extension, the NFC West),

Thank you for being SO bad that you have the media and the public questioning the NFL's beautiful playoff system.  7-9 and in the playoffs while the 10-6 Giants and Bucs sit at home watching the playoffs on their gold-plated flat screens?  That's just embarrassing!  Pete Carroll should hold a press conference after getting stomped at home by the Saints and mention the words "outlier" and "underachievers" multiple times.  Come to think of it, your team may not have "underachieved," your division is just THAT BAD.

Tony B.

Yeah.  I'm a moron.  Or am I?  I'm not sure anyone besides the residents of Seattle thought the Seahawks could get it done (most of them were doubtful as well.)   Also, no one could have predicted that Marshawn Lynch would actually live up to his potential.  It's amazing- the guy is pretty damn good when he's focused and tries.  Here's the best video I've seen of his savage run:

I'll save any further disparaging Seahawk comments until I'm certain that the Bears have beaten them this Sunday... why do I now have a bad feeling about this game?

- Peyton Manning has a 9-10 playoff mark?  It makes me feel that much worse that the Bears gave him his only Super Bowl ring (that game was winnable if the Sex Cannon wouldn't have kept falling over for no reason.)  Anyway, the Jets win and Rex Ryan moves on.  I really don't like the Jets, but I didn't have any money on the game nor any real rooting interest.  I guess the good thing is that we get to see Jets/Pats this weekend.  That should be quite the interesting game- keep your shoes on, Tom Brady!

- Chiefs/Ravens - I expected the Ravens to win.  They did.  It was boring.  Jamal Charles was MISUSED worse than any running back in the history of the league.  Charlie Weiss was too greedy and paid for it.  He was as hungry for passing yards as he normally is for greasy hamburgers.  How'd that work out for ya, hoss? I had the game on but was in and out of the room doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom because this game was so uninteresting. 

- The Packers move on.  I was in one sickeningly odd position for this game.  During the onset of the game, I was cheering for the Packers because I felt like the Bears facing the Seahawks would be beneficial (and I still feel that way- mostly.)  However, the Eagles looked so ordinary during the game that I started to believe that the Bears could take them to the woodshed and I started cheering for the Eagles to come back and win.  Obviously, they didn't so the Bears will now play the Seahawks.  This sets up SO NICELY for a Packers/Bears NFC Championship game.  I'm not sure if this has ever happened before, but I'M IN on this.  I don't care how scary the Packers are, this would be such a fun rivalry game that I want it to happen.  On Saturday, I will be cheering for the Packers to get it done (the fact that the game would be in Chicago makes it a much easier decision.) 

Fun fact: During the 2006-2007 season when the Bears went to the Super Bowl they hosted the Seattle Seahawks at Soldier Field and beat them 28-24. 


I don't have much of a rooting interest for tonight's BCS Championship game, but I suppose I'll support the West Coast team.  Go Ducks if for no other reason than beating Cam Newton and the rest of the SEC. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Reno: The Santa Pub Crawl Edition

Wow.  What a freaking weekend!  It's going to be hard to recap this, but let's try to do it in a fun but succinct manner. 

The drive up to Reno was fairly easy.  My friend John drove with me sitting shotgun and Mrs. B. and his wife Katrina in the back.  He had to drive his 4 wheel drive truck due to the chance of snow that you can encounter while driving up to Reno in December.  As it happens, the weather was fantastic and posed no threat what-so-ever to our plans.  God smiled upon this side of the country, unlike the Midwest and East Coast- but we'll get to that. 

Hilarity struck 5 seconds after getting out of the car at the valet area of the Peppermill (c'mon- did you think we'd stay anywhere else?)  As per usual, we brought liquor and mixers to build our own bar in the room.  I had purchased four 2 liter bottles of soda (because it was 4 for $.99 each or 1-3 for $1.79 each.)  I threw the plastic bag with the bottles of soda in the back of the truck initially, so when I went to grab them out of the truck the bag was splitting.  They all fell out the bottom and one of the Sprite bottles hit the pavement and exploded turning into a projectile.  LUCKILY, it did not hit another car or person.  It stopped harmlessly in the middle of the sidewalk.  I was embarrassed a little, but once I realized that no one cared and nothing was damaged I thought it was a pretty awesome sight.  I believe there was a video on Tosh.0 once showing the power of a soda bottle explosion- it's nuts!

Anyway, we checked in using our new Gold cards (using the VIP line to the left of all the commoners who have to wait in the regular line- MWAHAHA!)  After getting set and having a few drinks, we went down for some phenomenal Chinese food at Chi.  Even better, we had Miriam as our server (she was our server from the High Roller trip) so it was nice to be recognized and carry over a tiny bit of celebrity into this trip.  Dinner was delicious, but it was on to some serious business- the Craps table. 

John and I posted up for a few hours at the Craps table.  We scraped to make our cash last but it was not happening.  I had brought up some cash, but I inevitably had to go to the ATM to grab more.  I'm not really going to describe this session because it was more or less a bloodbath.  Defeated, I offered to buy John a cigar and we were pretty much going to call it a night. 

We smoked the cigars and felt lucky that our rooms were comped because at least there was no cost there.  After finishing the smokes, we went back to find our wives.  Mrs. B. was at the Craps table.  It looked like she was doing ok.  John and I couldn't control the itch and pulled out even more money from the cash machine.  This was horribly irresponsible- however this was the point where the weekend turned right around. 

John and I grabbed empty spots on the opposite ends of the table and started to play.  I only bought in with $100 and I would not need to put any more down the rest of the night (or morning as it was about 2am at this point.)  The cocktail waitress was bringing drink after drink, the dice were hitting point after point. 

The tide officially turned when a group of people decided to bet the "Don't Pass, Don't Come Line" and cheer when a 7 would clear the board.  I know I've said this before, but if you are a person who would do that, you probably would also murder a kitten and you deserve to rot in hell.  You are like the NFL player that celebrates after you make a decent hit on a receiver that just gained 14 yards and a first down- all the while your team is down 24 points.  You probably cheered for the Nazis to win World War II.  DO NOT CHEER FOR 7'S AT A CRAPS TABLE YOU EVIL BASTARDS!

The guys at my side of the table were pretty cool dudes, and they turned to me and said, "Did they really just cheer when the 7 cleared the board?  Let's over celebrate when every point hits."  I fully supported this tactic, and it lead to one of them rolling for 40 freaking minutes in a row and the rest of the table going on a monster run.  I was howling like a wolf.  I was giving Ric Flair "WOOOOs!" all over the place.  At one point I asked one of the dealers if we could tarp the area around the Craps table and pop champagne like we just won the World Series (or in some cases, just clinched a Wild Card spot.)  He laughed because apparently that was not allowed. 

It was so hot that I was physically exhausted from celebrating by the end of the run.  At one point we were all jumping around like Happy Gilmore when he celebrated with his teenage caddy by throwing him around.  Besides the 40 minute roller, there were plenty of other good rolls at the table and I eventually was too tired to continue (plus, it felt like it was cooling down a bit by 5:30am.)  John and I celebrated with a Coffee Shop meal then stumbled back to our respective rooms.  For just that session, I turned $100 into $1335.  It's too bad about the initial loss, but we more than made up that and set us up nicely for the rest of the weekend. 

Let's skip through to the Santa Crawl.  We caught a cab the next night (Saturday night) and headed to the El Dorado to meet up with Morgan and her group of friends (Morgan was the host of the High Roller videos.)  I, of course, dressed up like Buddy the Elf and while I felt a little ridiculous walking through the Peppermill to get the cab, I fit right in once we arrived at the Santa Crawl location.  EVERYONE was dressed up to some degree.  Mrs. B. was impressed because she thought our costumes were awesome (which they were) but by no means were we the only ones dressed up in full Christmas gear.  I saw millions of Santas, thousands of Jesuses, and another 3 Buddy the Elfs (Elves?) 

Some of the Crawl was a blur, but involved a decent amount of walking, at some point we found a more open area with a bar selling cans of Bud Light with a shot of Jameson for $6 each.  That pretty much made me a happy little camper for the remainder of the night.  It was fun hanging out with Morgan and her husband Kevin along with the rest of their group of friends.  Overall, it was a very fun event. 

Around midnight, we found our way back to the Reno sign and took some pictures (as seen on Facebook) and found a cab back to the Peppermill.  John and I tried to recapture the magic from the night before (and actually from the afternoon session where we won another few hundred bucks) but it was not to be.  I lost around $300 during that session to bring down a bit.  As other expenses were cutting into my cash (food, cabs, drinks, I gave Mrs. B. some money to gamble with) I calculated that I was up around $300 for the trip by the end of the night.  I was going to let myself be up and be happy with that...

I was content... at least until my childhood friend, regular commenter, awesome blogger, and humanitarian G$ texted me around 9am.  The text in fact woke me up out of bed and it said, "Bet unders in the midwest and east coast today... bet them big."  I had asked him for advice on Saturday, but the last minute advice Sunday morning stoked a fire in me and I decided to go big or go home (well, I was going home either way after the 1pm games, but you know what I'm saying.) 

I looked at the games that would be affected by the AWFUL weather on the Eastern side of the country and would also involve teams that are offensively challenged.  I put $75 each on the unders of Browns/Bills, Redskins/Bucs, and Dolphins/Jets.  G$ had also mentioned that he liked the Jags over the Raiders by 3.5 so I put $75 on that (I do love betting against the Raiders.)  This added up to exactly $300.  The amount I was up.  I was either going home up or even. 

The Jags/Raiders game was awful for the first half.  It looked bleak until the Jags made some halftime adjustments and came back out ready to play.  In winning by 7, they covered (in dramatic fashion) and I was stoked.  The Browns/Bills game was never a problem, and the Redskins/Bucs game got a little dicey at the end, but realistically, I had that game at under 40.5 so even if the 'Skins had tied the game at 17-17 to send it to over time, another 6 would have made the total exactly 40, so I would've still won.  3-0 for the morning games, so all I needed was a massive slop-fest for the Dolphins/Jets game and that's exactly what I got.  My friend John played some parlays and actually followed my bets Sunday morning, so he in fact threw $20 on those four bets and won $240- winners all around!  Thanks G$- you can expect me to click through some ads on your site to repay you a few nickles for your advice.  In all seriousness, when are you starting your own phone line or betting site? 

So in the end, I won around $600, had our room comped, dressed up like an Elf and we drove home safely.  That's what I call another magical trip to Reno! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

I'm not sure what is going on with me, but I think I've been pretty run down recently.  Friday night I stayed in because I wasn't feeling all that well, but I was also bored.  I decided to check out the Virtual Console on the Wii Online Channel.  I found that I could download Tecmo Bowl from the original Nintendo system.  I immediately picked "Chicago" and got to playing. 

This version is a little worse because it no longer has a NFLPA license.  It still has the old school numbers, but no names attached.  Luckily, my knowledge told me that #18 was Mike Tomczak and #35 was Neal Anderson.  I was still a solid player, but it took me a second to recall the old strategies.  After a few games, I realized that Tecmo Bowl was still a lot of fun, if not a little easier than I remember it.  That is, until I was forced to face "Los Angeles." 

The Raiders are such a tough team on this game.  I decided that I would pick Bo Jackson's running play every time and allow them either Marcus Allen or both of their pass plays.  The first time I played the Raiders, Bo Jackson scored 3 TIMES.  3 TIMES!  It didn't matter that I picked his play, this guy was just that dominant.  It was amazing.  Rarely have I seen athletic feats of such as Bo Jackson's performance on Tecmo Bowl.

Luckily, in our rematch (I obviously lost the first game) Bo Jackson was mostly contained and "Chicago" was triumphant.  I finished off "Indianapolis" in the final game on Saturday morning.  What a lame story of me playing an old video game!

The only thing worth mentioning on Saturday is that I finally got around to watching the movie "Zombieland."  Not a bad little movie!  I was fully entertained at Woody Harrelson being a fully capable zombie killer.  The celebrity cameo in the middle of the movie is surely one of the best cameos I've seen in a long time.  I won't spoil it in case you haven't seen it. 

On Sunday, I went over to my friend John's house to watch the Bears game and the Red Zone Channel.  Once again, I was quite entertained by the Red Zone channel action.  It has to be the best channel ever created. 

Bears/Vikings - I agree that the Cutler made a few bad throws and that one of his two interceptions were completely his fault (the INT he threw in the end zone.)  However, I was pleased for the most part with the Bears performance.  They moved the ball with their run game much more than other games, and could've easily let the dysfunctional Vikings steal a game at Soldier Field, so I am happy to see the Bears at 6-3.  They have A LOT to work out if they want to be considered legit, but they are in a much better situation than other improving teams that have already dug themselves massive holes (49ers.) 

49ers/Rams - Speaking of the Niners, how in the heck are they still involved in the division race?  They are now 3-6, 1-1 in the division, 4 division games left and 2 games back of the Seahawks.  It's not a preferable situation for them, but am I crazy to think that Troy Smith looks great under center and that a division run is still possible for them?  The key for them is to work on eliminating dumb holding penalties and I actually think they could get back in the NFC West race.  Every week is huge though. 

The Raiders - They have a bye week and things still go right for them!  The Broncos pounded Chiefs behind a stellar performance from Kyle Orton.  I'm glad to see him statistically doing well in Denver, but it does make the Bears' trade for Cutler look pretty bad.  Anyway, the Chiefs dropped to 5-4 and are now tied with the Raiders for the division league.  What a terrible division.  The Chargers are the best team by far, but they are inexplicably 4-5, meanwhile the Broncos are impossible to figure out and the Raiders and Chiefs sit at the top of the division.  Both AFC and NFC West divisions are embarrassing. 

The Walking Dead - This show is ridiculous.  This episode wasn't the most exciting all the way through, but Rick and three others going back to Atlanta after Rick realizes his family is alive ups the stakes quite a bit.  They were just reunited and now his running right back into the haven of zombies!  The guns should be worth it and of course they need to extend the tension on the whole Rick/Lori/Shane love triangle.  If you haven't started watching, what is wrong with you?  Get on it!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

This weekend was not the most productive for me, but I was able to watch the Red Zone Channel on Sunday morning (adding to my lack of productivity), so let's talk some football:

Bears vs. Bills - What a terrible game.  It was so bad that I think the Red Zone channel went to this game maybe 3 times.  Jay Cutler was unimpressive, but at least he didn't throw any interceptions (one lost fumble, though.)  Almost getting beat by the Zero Win Buffalo Bills is not the way to instill confidence in the Bears' fan-base, but a win is a win.  After losing a couple games that they should have won, I'm happy to say the Bears ruined Chris Berman's Sunday. 

Chargers vs. Texans - Phillip Rivers keeps tearing the league up with his arm (which hasn't led to as many Charger wins as one might think) but I'm more concerned with his opposition from Sunday.  I have Matt Schaub in one fantasy league and he has been under-performing to say the least.  Luckily, Peyton Hillis is also on that team so I was able to grasp a comfortable victory.  I am a bit worried about the long term viability of Schaub as my starting QB (Sam Bradford is my back up which is not the best option either.)  Why didn't I title this section "My Yahoo Fantasy Football League?" 

The San Francisco 49ers - They didn't lose this week!  A week without a loss is a successful week, in my book- and probably in Coach Singletary's book as well.

Jets vs. Lions - Is there any team that the NFL loves more than the Jets?  First, there was this year's Hardknocks that followed this Jets team.  Then, there was the constant talk on ESPN about whether Mark Sanchez is ready to guide this team to a Super Bowl.  Now, I see that the Red Zone channel can almost be called "The channel with the Jets game on it."  After being held to 3 points in the first half, the Jets made a comeback and beat the Lions.  The first half of the game was boring, so why did I see so much of it?

Cowboys vs. Packers - The Sunday nighter was out of hand almost immediately.  The Cowboys are a bad, bad football team.  I'm not sure how they got to be this bad, but they are.  This makes me think back to what a great win I thought the Bears got when they beat Jerry Jones' crew, but now I see it was actually just another easy win that the Bears were lucky to get. 

My ESPN Fantasy Football Team - Luckily, I played against a team that scored 37 points so I will easily win this week.  Both my teams sputtered to start the season, but have come back to be 5-4 and right in the thick of the playoff hunt.  This league has my 3 RB system of LT, Forte and Burner Turner which helps overcome my lack of quality at the QB position (Palmer and McNabb.) 

I'd love to also talk about Brett Favre- no, wait- actually I would not like to talk about him.  How is it possible that I see his postgame press conferences every week?

Raider Nation looks to be back.  After a sad loss to the Niners a few weeks back, they have since hammered the Broncos, destroyed the Seahawks, and beat the first place Chiefs in overtime.  Get ready for the Super Bowl Oak-town.

Friday, April 23, 2010


With Live Band Karaoke happening last night, there really isn't much I have to talk about. The night was pretty uneventful, decently fun (from my perspective, it looked like people were having too much fun), and just another good night for our little operation.

The NFL Draft was pretty interesting last night. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the Thursday night move, but it did seem to add wrinkles to the whole thing. It looks like the Niners went with some pretty solid picks to beef up their O-Line and the Bears stunned everyone by not making a bad pick in the entire first round. Highly unusual for them.

So which is better? ESPN or NFL Network's coverage? I'm going to go with NFL Network, but barely. This Mike Mayock guy is LAME with his horrible side comments. Unfortunately for ESPN, no one is as awful as Chris "Burning Man" Berman (see Chris, punning nicknames aren't cool- that was the dumbest thing I've ever written on this blog, but it was to prove that point.) The best thing I saw on their coverage was after the draft was over, Chris Berman mentioned that no one had picked Sergio Kindle, but instead he said, "No one picked Kindle, do you guys have a Kindle?" Tom Jackson let out a huge, annoyed sigh and said, "No. Uh, yeah. I have one. I mean, we have two of those." It was like he couldn't take it anymore and his brain checked out. After years of Berman-isms, TJ couldn't take it any longer.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the rest of the draft.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

You can check my Saturday post to see how the show went Friday night. Needless to say, I had a great time! It was as much as watching "The Condemned" starring Stone Cold Steve Austin (if not even more enjoyable.)

Saturday I managed to get up and run a number of errands. I got a haircut, went to Jamba Juice, hit up Best Buy, Guitar Center, Target, and then to 24 Hour Fitness. Best Buy and Target errands were exclusively to build Mrs. B. an Easter basket, while Guitar Center was to pick up a power source for my tuner pedal.

Upon entering GC, I thought to myself, "Don't go back into the expensive guitar room- you'll just end up thinking about getting a new guitar." I didn't listen and ended up playing a number of Gibson acoustic/electrics that would be wonderful additions to my collection. In particular, there is a Hummingbird cutaway that sounded absolutely amazing. It looks like this:

I was quite impressed, but resisted the temptation. I need to sell some of my old equipment, see how much money I have, and then go haggle with the sales person. So if anyone is interested in a MARTIN MC-16 GTE in great condition, then let's talk.

I got home from all the errands at 2:52pm, just in time to catch the tip of the Butler/MSU game. I watched nearly the entire game, and it was fairly entertaining (no thanks to Michigan State.) I was cheering for Butler all the way. One thing I didn't get though was how many horrible shots Shelvin Mack took for the Bulldogs. When Butler would actually run an offense, they would do ok, but more than a few times Mack would just bring the ball up, drive the lane without passing, and get blocked. I think this led to Gordon Hayward standing on the perimeter a bit too much. He needed to be more active if only to make sure the guy defending Hayward couldn't just sit in helpside without consequence.

Butler prevailed, and I couldn't be happier for them. They play the game the right way and are a lot of fun to watch. To be honest, I didn't watch much of the Duke/WVU game. Duke got up and I lost interest quickly. The game tonight should be pretty good, but since there is an outside shot of Duke running away with it, we'll have to hope that that doesn't happen.

Sunday I had Easter brunch at Mrs. B.'s mom's house and it was quite good. There was Egg's Benedict, breakfast potatoes, blueberry scone-type things, cinnamon rolls, and mimosas for all to indulge in. Afterward it was time for a nap (I had also gotten up early and went swimming at 24 Hour, so I was pretty tired) but don't worry, I was up in time for two things (oddly both related to commenter G$):

- Donovan McNabb to the Redskins?! Wow, I didn't really see this one coming. I mean, I get that the Eagles wanted to trade him, but to trade him to a division rival who will almost certainly beat them at least once during the regular season seems silly. Nothing like a motivated veteran to help out a team that's been down on it's luck recently. Biggest question of the trade- what about Sexy Rexy?! The Sex Cannon was currently the back up to Jason Campbell in Washington and now looks to be relegated to third string. What the hell? You can't hold back that kind of talent for long- look out Campbell and McNabb... the former NFC Champ is coming for you.

- Opening Day (Night) Baseball pitched off (is "pitched" proper for baseball?) Sunday night with the Yankees and Red Sox facing off at Fenway. I could care less about the eventual outcome (though the game was awesome) but what I do care about is fantasy statistics. Youk and Papelbon killed it for me last night. I'm already winning 23.5 to -2 (a-thank-you Jacoby Ellsbury!) I'm liking the balance that my team brings to the table. They should be awfully tough.

That's pretty much it for the weekend. Monday always seems to come so quickly. There's got to be a way to slow weekends down.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: Super Bowl Edition

I highly enjoyed the Super Bowl. The game was very well played. Hardly any penalties, or play reviews, or turnovers. It seemed to sail along like an actual football game, rather than the CF spectacle the Super Bowl turns into. I'm just assuming everyone watched the game, so no need for any kind of recap, but here are some things I noticed:

- The Who were the wrong band for the Super Bowl halftime show. I'm fairly certain the crowd only recognized any of the songs because each song they played happened to be the theme song for CBS shows that contain initials (CSI, NCIS, etc.) Instead of having people on the field to act as the crowd, they opted for a massive light show that only separated the crowd and viewer further from the band (rather than making it more intimate.) The Who is a great band, but this was the absolute wrong venue for their talents. The question is, what current band could pull off a halftime show? Someone decently relevant, but still rocking... Maybe the Foo Fighters? Hell, Prince even played one of their songs during his halftime show a couple years ago. Seems like it would work.

- Phil Sims ruined a great moment for me. At the end of the game, Drew Brees was holding his one year old son in triumphant victory with tears in his eyes. It was a wonderful moment that grounded this grand stage in realism for the viewers at home. Watching Brees hold his son (who was wearing large headphones to block out the noise of the celebration) and kiss him on the cheek was emotional. Then Phil Sims piped up, "There is no greater moment that a father can share with his son." Maybe it's true, but then I started thinking, "Crap- I'm never going to win a Super Bowl and be the MVP, so I'll never get to share the greatest moment a father can share with his son." What an ass. Of course, he person can have their individual great moments with their own kids, and how dare Phil Sims ruin a completely awesome moment by having me over think his moronic statement. Remember when Sims got hurt and Jeff Hostetler took the Giants to the Super Bowl. That was awesome because it showed how much the Giants didn't need Sims.

- The Economic situation in New Orleans is effed. Many people are talking about how this win is "Great for the community of New Orleans." Sure, it provides distraction for a community that has been hit with hard times, but is it really good? I heard Mike Tirico say there will be a "small uptick in the community because of all the partying..." I also heard Drew Brees and Sean Payton joke about how "nothing will get done in the New Orleans for a month [due to the Super Bowl celebration and Mari Gras.]" I'm all for slacking off, but if you do nothing at your job, or leave your job for a month, that cannot be helpful for any business. The Saints may have re-ruined the community because everyone will get so distracted (and drunk) that this will lead to even more economic turmoil. Winning a Super Bowl is great, but it's not a reason to not doing anything for a month! That's just silly!

Congrats Saints- you won a great Super Bowl. Now, we get to see if Mike Martz and Jay Cutler can lead the Bears' offense to the Super Bowl next year... ah crap.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Prediction

I have to be honest, with the premiere of LOST, my men's league basketball team starting up, and the over hyped onslaught of media that the comes with the Super Bowl, I have pretty much turned my brain off to the NFL for the last week and a half. But that stops now- before picking the Super Bowl, I have to take a few things into account:

- Is Peyton Manning clutch or not? This is a tougher question than someone who buys into the recent "Peyton Manning is the greatest ever" media hype might think. He did little more than manage the game to beat the Bears three years ago. While the powers that be gave him the "we can't really give it to anyone else, so it goes to the QB" MVP award, in truth, the MVP of the Colts was probably Rex Grossman (or maybe Dominick Rhodes.) Before then (and since then), Manning has been prone to crushing playoff defeats. Could this be another playoff loss, or will Manning rise to the occasion and cement his name in the discussion for Top 10 QB's of all time (slow down on the greatest ever talk.)

- Will Dwight Freeney play? I'll save you the suspense- No, he will not play. It's a shame, too. He ripped tendons in his ankle while playing in the last 2 minutes of the Colts game against the Jets when they were up 30-17. Why bench your players to not go undefeated if you were just going to let them get injured during meaningless playoff minutes? It doesn't make sense, does it? If Freeney tries to play, he will be less than effective. An injury that serious is not something Freeney can cope with, no matter how much of a savage he thinks he is.

- Exactly how bad did the Saints play against the Vikings? Bad. Real bad. Their balls shrunk up and they did not bring the same kind of open passing attack that we've seen from the Saints this season (see: MNF vs. the Patriots.) The "Who Dat? Nation" (horrible rallying nickname) is lucky that Brett Favre and the Vikings coughed up victory like my cat coughs up a hairball. 12 men in a huddle in the 4th quarter of the NFC Championship game? Really? If the Saints play like that, they will lose.

- How strict will the refs be? The Saints defense has beat the holy shit out of the first two QB's they've faced during the playoffs this year, likely forcing both of them into retirement. Not all of the hits were "legal" per se, but they did what they were intended to do- rattle the QB. My coach used to say, "In times of adversity, we revert back to our natural habits- good or bad." At least, it was something like that. Point being, when trouble strikes, we're likely to do what is natural. Favre found it natural to throw across his body toss the ball to a defender. Will the Saints be allowed to get at Peyton Manning as much as they got to Favre and Warner? Is Manning tough enough to deal with whatever pressure they bring?

Taking all of this into account, I'm expecting a pretty close game. With Dwight Freeney, I think the Colts would win by 7-10. Without him, I'll predict something like this:

Colts 31 - Saints 28

I will be cheering for the Saints, but I don't know if they have enough to get it done. I do love Drew Brees, though, so I hope he can get it done.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

I've got three things to talk about today-

1) I finally saw Avatar. While we were unable to make it out to an IMAX viewing, we did see it in 3D which was quite amazing. I'm used to watching 3D stuff with this paper glasses that have one lens of deep red and the other lens is blue. This was not the case at all for Avatar. The movie's colors were not distorted and the field of vision was amazing to watch. The movie itself was very good, despite the storyline feeling like it's been done before (Ferngully, anyone?)

A pretty funny sidenote: Spencer Hawes of the Sacramento Kings admitted he was cheering for the humans to win the final battle during Avatar. So let me get this straight, Spencer- you wanted the characters that were portrayed as money hungry and ruthless militarist a-holes to rape and pillage the foreign planet that they (the humans) had no real reason to be on in the first place? Are you planning on also mentioning that you were watching the History Channel World War II documentary series and that you had to admit that you were cheering for the Nazis to come out on top? Let's file this one in the "keep it to yourself since you are a professional athlete and not a blogger who can say whatever he wants."

2) The Colts and The Jets - I really enjoyed this game. I figured the Colts would win, but the Jets played a very good first half. It really made the dynamic of the game more interesting. Had the Jets got down early, the whole game would have been ruined. As it stood, it was 20-17 going into the 4th quarter, which helped to keep my attention. Peyton Manning (as annoying as he might be) proved why everyone thinks he is such a great QB. He was getting pressured early, yet made some adjustments (that includes his O-Line as well) and he looked much more comfortable in the second half. It was a well-played mental game where the better team won. For the record, I wanted the Colts to win this game, but in general, I hate them and hope they lose in dramatic (like Brett Favre-disaster) fashion.

3) The Saints and The Vikings - Now this was a great game! The Saints' defense took the Ivan Drago "If he dies, he dies" attitude into this game against Brett Favre and it wore him down to the point where he threw across his body for another crushing interception at the end of a NFC championship game. Look, the guy is obviously tough. He took some serious punishment and managed to stay in the game (at age 40!). But let's keep it real, it was his choice to comeback and that's part of the game. If you can't take the heat, then stay out of the place where it will be extremely hot. I hope Favre finally walks away, but knowing him, this loss could restart the exact scenario that brought him back two years ago. Seriously Brett, just retire. It was uncomfortable watching you get carried off the field and then FOX panning to your wife who looked like she was worried for your life. Walk away now, while you still can.

So, as predicted, we have a Colts/Saints Super Bowl. I can't wait to see what storylines develop and it should be a pretty good game. Why do we really have to wait 2 weeks for the Super Bowl? I know everyone needs to be healthy, but c'mon! It's way too long! (At least this isn't College Football, though...)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Jersey Shore vs. The NFL

If you're a reader here, you know that I love the NFL. However, I love other things, too. I love sweet house beats, fist pumping, and watching Jersey Shore. Well, at least one of those things is true.

In order to properly combine two great things, I decided to think about the NFL equivalent of each character on the Jersey Shore. It seems like a funny idea, and truthfully, my other idea was talking about my transaction at the Wendy's Drive Thru yesterday, so we're going to go this way for now.

Angelina = The LA Raiders - Angelina seemed promising at the beginning when she showed up with her stuff in plastic bags. She was pretty cute and was ready to take the Jersey Shore by storm (just like the Raiders won Super Bowl XVIII.) Unfortunately, Angelina missed out on her chance to become a huge (if not, mocked) celebrity because she was too hungover to go work a T-shirt shop?!? Really? She moved out and is currently in relative obscurity- just like the Raiders!

J-WOWW = The Carolina Panthers - J-WOWW just seems like she's a panther. On the prowl, ready to pounce and not afraid to climb all over a guy like he's a tree while grinding in the club. Like the NFL Panthers, J-WOWW always seems to be confusing as how good she'll be. Sometimes, she looks pretty good. Other times, she looks like the queen of the busted. It's like when NFL experts are ready to jump back on the Panthers bandwagon, but then Jake Delhomme fires off 5 picks for a destructive loss. The Panthers and J-WOWW are both hard to figure out.

The Situation = The New Orleans Saints - The Saints have traditionally been a team that couldn't get it done. However, with a new coach, a daily workout regiment, a recent confident swagger, pressed uniforms and a tanning bed, the Saints look like they could get it done this year. The Situation is clearly overcompensating for his past rejections, but his new celebrity could lead him to the promised land of "cool chicks." The Situation has things under control.

Snooki = The New York J-E-T-S - A stout defense that is begging for more national media to recognize them. Am I talking about Snooki or the Jets? How about both? Snooki took a punch in the mouth and was back on the prowl the next day. That's a tough girl- just like Rex Ryan's Jet defense. The Jets have been talking about how they've been "disrespected" and should be "getting more attention." If that doesn't scream Snooki then I don't know what does. Also, they play their home games in New Jersey, so that works too.

Pauly D = The Washington Redskins - This is purely based on Pauly's bronzed skin and slicked back hair looking similar to the Redskins' logo. Let's take a look:

A reach you say? Well, then maybe DJ Pauly D will drop a beat instead to make you fist pump and not worry about it. My second choice was the old Tampa Bay Bucs mascot.

Ronnie = The Baltimore Ravens - The way Ronnie is going, he's going to end up on trial for murder just like Ray Lewis. Ronnie is emotional and hard hitting much like the Ravens Defense. Also, much like the Ravens, his offense (in this case I'm referring to him backing down to Sammi on every argument) is inept. I mean, did he really have to apologize and cry about telling Sammi that she had a "Fred Flinstone big toe?" That seemed a bit unnecessary- just like the Ravens putting up 3 points against the Colts.

Sammi = The Indianapolis Colts - Since I made Ronnie the Ravens, I'll make Sammi the Colts. A sleek and sexy pick to go all the way, and one that can easily defeat the Ravens. However, when you inspect the team thoroughly, you realize that they're really, really, really annoying and you can't stand them. Yeah, I'm talking about both Sammi and Peyton Manning right now. I'd rather stab myself in the ears before hearing either one of them give a press conference.

Vinny = The Houston Texans - Vinny is the youngest in the house and he barely appeared during the first few episodes. The Texans are the youngest NFL franchise, but have improved recently and are currently very competitive. When they would roll the intro to the show I would wonder, "Who is this guy and why is he never on the show?" Recently, however, Vinny has been hilarious and has been gaining momentum. The Situation did commit a robbery by taking his girl (much like the Texans were robbed by the Jets of their playoff birth) but that's the way it goes when you live with a powerhouse like The Situation.

So there you go. Feel free to make your own suggestions about which teams I should have picked for each person. Fist pump!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: Tuesday Edition

I not only love Martin Luther King, Jr.'s message, I love the fact that I (and many other people who don't work for racist companies) got a three-day weekend this past weekend. Did I do great things with my extra time this weekend? Eh- no "I Have A Dream" speeches, but it was fun and fairly relaxing.

- I finally got around to watching "Land of the Lost" with Will Ferrell and Danny McBride. Danny McBride is literally the only funny aspect of the movie. It was an oddly paced movie with Will Ferrell playing a bumbling scientist that was more stupid and less funny. I suppose it is worth watching once, but overall, I was not impressed. Luckily, my copy of "The Hangover" came from an unnamed website that gives great discounts, but until they sponsor some ad space on this blog, they are not getting a mention! I'd obviously seen "The Hangover" before, but it was a nice antiseptic mouthwash for the halitosis that was "Land of the Lost."

- Another thing I finally got around to was cleaning the bathroom Saturday morning. I was joined by Mr. Clean, AJAX, and Windextor to create a spotless and organized bathroom. Worst part? Our fan in the bathroom is broken so the fumes helped turn the room into a gas chamber. I escaped before passing out- barely. It would have sucked if Mrs. B. came home to find me passed out in the bathtub with a bottle of Windex and me bloody and naked. Why naked? I have no idea, but that just seems funnier.

- After watching an entertaining start to the NFL playoff weekend (and I'm literally talking about the first quarter of the Saints/Cardinals game) it was downhill from there. I ended up skipping the second half of the Colts/Ravens game as we went to our friend's birthday party. It seems like that second half was totally boring and that my choice of drinking gin and playing Rock Band 2 was a much better decision. Spoonman! Come together with your hands! Save me! I'm together with your plan!

- I hate the Cowboys. But let's keep it real, I can easily express my level of hate for the Cowboys with this simple mathematical inequality:

[Editor's note: the original post was somehow corrupted, sorry for any typo confusion]

My levels of hate -->

Scabies < Nickelback < Cowboys < Vikings < Favre

Yes, I hate bugs that burrow under the skin less than Nickelback. Here is my list of like:

Levels of like-->

Gibson Guitars = Chicago Cubs = Chicago Bears < Getting Laid

I might be married, but sexual activity is still at the top of the list!

What the hell was my point? Oh, I hate the Cowboys, but I was definitely cheering for them over the Vikings and Favre. You can see clearly that I hate Favre and the Vikings more individually than I do the Cowboys. Put them together and it's not even a hard decision. Some people might think about cheering for a division rival of their favorite team in order to say, "Well, the NFC North (in this example) was tougher than the the NFC East this year." I'm here to say that those people are stupid. One must always cheer against their rival or risk getting their "True Sports Fan" card taken away like Liam Neeson's daughter in the movie "Taken" (yes, that means it would be sold into an underground sex slave ring and you would have to murder at least 50 dudes in order to get it back.) I was massively disappointed that Favre and the Vikings triumphed, but I'm hoping for them to take a beating by the Saints. Will Smith should not be afraid to go all "Wild, Wild West" or maybe "Bad Boys II" on Favre and give him a career ending hit. He's had enough time to make up his own mind about retirement, so feel free to not give him a choice after this week.

- The Chargers game was just a huge let down. I did not want to see the Jets advance any further. It's not a cute underdog story when the underdogs are cocky about winning games when the Chargers should have had at least 6 more points (and that should have been 9, Nate Kaeding, but I'm being nice about your inept kicking.) You know, I can give myself the itinerary to playing music at Madison Square Garden, but that doesn't mean it's automatically going to happen (Coach Rex Ryan gave the Jets players the schedule that goes all the way up to Super Bowl Sunday.) I can't believe I'm going to have to cheer for the Colts next week. Ugh. Best case scenario: Saints/Colts in the Super Bowl. Worst case scenario: Brett Favre vs. His Old Team. Ouch.

- 24 is back! So far, it seems promising. It was funny to see Jack Bauer try to get out of being involved, but of course, they have a show to put on so he was eventually roped in. If stopping terrorist plots were sexual exploits, then consider Jack Bauer Tiger Woods. He's addicted to torturing lowlifes for information and pushing the buttons of the incompetent people in charge of government agencies.

- Top three songs that found their way into my iPod over the weekend: Sponge "Plowed," Faith No More "Epic," and the Presidents of the United States of America "Lump."

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Well, that was a weird weekend. I had a show and worked out both days, but I still felt wildly unproductive. No idea how that works, but let's get on with the Monday blog entry anyway:

- So the last playoff game of the weekend was very good. But let's be honest, the overall weekend of NFL games was pretty terrible. Seriously. My predictions were horrible (though, I'm delighted that the Packers ended up losing in such crushing fashion- I can almost taste the tears of the Green Bay faithful.) Let's just hope next week's slate of games lives up to the hype.

- On Saturday night I witnessed a car accident. Mrs. B. and I were going to get yogurt at Mochii in downtown Sacramento. The block was pretty busy, but we saw someone pulling out of their spot so I threw on my blinker and waited patiently. Unfortunately, the car behind me decided to be the opposite of patient. They came up on me quite quickly, and I'm not sure they understood that putting my blinker on is the universal sign for "I'm waiting to take this parking spot." So they zoomed around me on my right (it was a one way street and I was on the left side of the street.) This would have been ok if they didn't decided to cut me back off. Obviously, he crashed into the car that was pulling out of the space. Mrs. B. and I were stunned for a second, then we took the spot and got out to talk to the people who had pulled out of the spot. I gave them my name and number in case they needed a witness for insurance purposes. Yogurt outing ruined.

- I am right now listening to a rough mix of my new album. It sounds pretty damn good. I am a little self conscious with a couple parts of the album, but overall I'm very excited to get it out officially. I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about the record in the coming weeks because the updates will be happening here.

- I enjoyed this skit from the Charles Barkley SNL:

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: 2010

It's the first Monday of 2010. I'm back to work, and I couldn't be less excited. I've enjoyed leisurely burning days away by playing Mario Kart Wii, watching college of pro football, playing music, or watching Lord of the Rings on TNT. But now it's time look back at the break that was:

- I still haven't seen Avatar. We're going to try to get to an IMAX 3D showing, but they keep selling out. Anyone seen it? Is it worth this much trouble?

- Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears provide me the best fan experience of the season with their win against the Vikings last Monday. This goes squarely in the category of "Too Little, Too Late" and disappoints Bears fans even further to see what happens when the team actually plays well. Did you know, Jay Cutler threw for 8 touchdowns and 1 interception in his last two games combined? Hopefully he can carry that momentum into next year.

- New Year's Eve was fun. I played a show at the Boxing Donkey in Roseville and I'm proud to report that no women were punched in the face during the time I was there. In fact, it was relatively packed and the crowd was pretty good about singing along and having a good time, in general. I had never played on New Year's Eve before because I figured it would be a mess, but this experience has changed my perception of the night (to some degree- however, it is still quite an amateur night for drinkers.)

- I managed to get the gym many times during the break, so I guess I was productive in that regard. The best part was that I never ran into anyone weird at the gym. Everyone was on the best behavior and not having any 'roid rage episodes.

- The Cubs signed Marlon Byrd. Another ex-Ranger with the initials "M.B." to play the outfield in Wrigley? Yikes.

- That Sunday Night Game was awful. How in the hell did the NFL scheduling people manage to create three re-matches next week of three blow out games (Cowboys/Eagles, Packers/Cardinals, Jets/Bengals)? At least one of the results from yesterday will be different next week but we'll get to that tomorrow.

Until then, Happy New Year...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Off To Reno...

Alright folks, Mrs. B. and I (and friends) are going up to the Peppermill once again. If we don't die in the snow on the way up or freeze to death in below 0 degree temperatures, then you will most likely find us at the Craps tables tonight with many drinks consumed. Having just watched "Jersey Shore" last night for the first time ever, I'm ready to treat Reno in a very "The Situation"-esque way. That show is unreal. I can't believe a dude socks "Snookie" in the face next week!

Anyway, I'm looking for betting advice for the weekend. 1-3 NFL games would probably do the trick. Any good bets you have your eye on? I hate to say it, but I saw Green Bay -3 over the Bears and that looked pretty enticing (I should rot in hell for saying that.)

I'm coming back on Monday, so hopefully I'll post late Monday with some adventures. Have a great weekend, and try to keep warm.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

What a busy/rocking weekend!

Friday night I had the opening slot at the G St Pub in Davis (opening for the excellent band Automatic Rival- they sound similar to Jimmy Eat World, if not a little more punk.) I got the gig because the original opening band, Jetset Society, had the unfortunate situation of their drummer having his drum kit stolen. I asked one of the members of the band, Dusty, if he wanted to learn a couple tunes and sit in on bass guitar for me on Friday. We worked out 5 tunes. I got my drummer Bart to show up and all of a sudden we had full band Tony B. originals live and on stage. It was a lot of fun. Here was the set list:




It was a great time, and we might try it again on January 8th (details forthcoming...)

Saturday, after watching Florida get dominated by Alabama and cheering for Texas to lose to a team that rhymes with my last name, I headed out to the Boxing Donkey in Roseville to play another show.

The Boxing Donkey shows consist mostly of cover songs to keep people dancing and singing, and that's exactly what happened. I can tell that I'm improving on my game over there because the the people of the Donkey were very pleased with the results of Saturday's show. On top of that, drunken people were either hitting on me, taking my lyrics cheater binder (hey! I can't memorize all 250 songs!), stealing the chair that the binder was resting on, and stumbling into my microphone in general. I'm going to take some credit for getting a drinking friendly vibe, and luckily I knew some songs off the top of head while my binder was MIA. Basically, it boiled down to a drunken sing-a-long fest in old town Roseville.

I'm playing there again on the 19th and a New Year's Eve thing is in the works so check back!

Sunday brought a day of rest, football, Mario Kart Wii, and six loads of laundry (fun!) What to say about the NFL this week?

- The Bears won and I don't care and still haven't seen highlights. Thanks for winning so you can have worse draft picks. Oh right, you traded your first rounder away, so I guess it's not that big a deal.

- We had the Saints/Redskins on in morning along with the Raiders/Steelers. Both were surprisingly great games. Too bad I missed the end of Saints/Redskins due to the beginning of the Niners/Seahawks. I'm not going to get into which way some of the Saints/Skins replay calls should have gone, but I will say that I started Robert Meecham in Fantasy so I was happy to see him turn a Brees interception into a fumble strip and touchdown.

- In the battle of old geezers, concussed Kurt Warner wins versus Brett Favre. I suppose I'm happy because I hate Warner less than Favre. I wonder if Warner will get into the Hall of Fame? It's an odd question due to his awfully streaky and inconsistent career, but I think he might actually get in.

And now we're back to Monday. Ugh. We have a trip planned to Reno this weekend to celebrate Mrs. B.'s birthday, but there is lots of snow on the mountains and I'm a bit worried about how we're going to get up there. Here's to hoping for better weather!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

R.I.P. 2009 Chicago Bears

I could use a reprieve from pictures of NFC North defenders taking Bears' QBs from behind (Google image search Rex Grossman and look at the first pic) but of course the Bears offensive line loves giving photographers these kind of poses.

The Bears, yet again, were available to me on regular TV from the comfort of my own home. I am fairly sure this season is the year where the Bears have been most readily available for me to watch on TV. And what a year it's been!

I am officially giving up on the season. I probably did this last week after the loss to the Eagles, but as a fan there is always a hope that Vince Young can come in and lead a team to 5 consecutive victories (oh, crap, the Bears don't have VY.)

So enough is enough. No more interceptions. No more .5 yard gains on Matt Forte runs. No more .3 second protections from the offensive line. No more Orlando Pace showing why he is the least athletic player in the NFL. No more special teams fumbles. No more defensive schemes that get carved up worse than the Thanksgiving turkey you probably ate on Thursday. No more three and outs. No more BORING Lovie Smith post game comments (he is the John Kerry of NFL coaches.)

Even President Obama, who is shown in the new slow motion NFL commercial is wearing a Bears jacket, but you would never know it because the camera angle never shows the logo. Even he knows that he can't show off his Bear-fan-ness for fear of setting the country into the state of emergency ("How can we trust a President that roots for the Bears?- they are terrible!")

But you know what? Is there hope in Chicago? I think there is. Would I make the trade to bring in Jay Cutler again? Yes. He is a quarterback that the Bears can work with, and don't forget that Johnny Knox was part of that deal. What did most people say when the Bears got Cutler? "He's great, but his offensive line is shaky, and he needs more weapons around him." What actually happened? For once, "most people" were actually correct. The Bears need better protection and more weapons. Hell! I'll settle for just better protection and I'd love to see what is possible. Their last ditch effort to add over the hill Orlando Pace does not count as good protection.

They also need to find a balance on offense. I'm sure they have a lot of tape on the Vikings, and they should watch how their division rivals do things to get some idea of what to do.

Their defense is closer to being corrected than their offensive line, so there really is hope in Chicago. I mean, assuming a healthy and rested Brian Urlacher comes back next year, that alone will act as a needed upgrade to help the rest of the defense.

So goodbye 2009 Chicago Bears. I'm done worrying about you, or letting you ruin Sundays. I won't be one of those near-sighted Chicago fans that thinks the world is ending and that Jay Cutler is bringing the apocalypse, but I am someone who likes to watch good football (like I am right now- Saints vs. Patriots- so awesome!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving NFL Action?

I say "Action?" because these are some bad games, people! Sometimes I wonder what the NFL thinks when they are scheduling Thanksgiving games, but I have to believe it's something like, "People are going to watch no matter what, so let's get these games out of the way." Now, I was looking forward to the nightcap rematch of Super Bowl XXI, but that was before the Broncos went on a four game losing streak and the Giants just broke their streak of futility in overtime against the Falcons. Am I complaining? A little. Am I still going to watch? Oh hell yes!

Packers @ Lions - Green Bay -11:

I have to believe that the Packers get the job done on this one. Matthew Stafford is proving himself to be a savage, but he may not play due to his separated shoulder. I'll be cheering for the Lions, but as I said, I'd be surprised if the Packers don't get the "W." Would I take Green Bay with the points? Uhh... I wouldn't bet it personally, but if I had to, then yes. Yes, I would.

Raiders @ Cowboys - Dallas -14

Really? You're going to favor a team by 14 points that has scored a combined 14 points in two weeks? In the battle of the two least lovable NFL franchises, I am (I can't believe I'm saying this) taking the Raiders to cover. I don't think Oak-town is going to win, but I do think they can cover now that JaMarcus is on the bench.

Giants @ Broncos - New York -6.5

Is Kyle Orton playing? ESPN says yes, so I'll take the Broncos at home to cover against the Giants. Both of these teams are shaky at best, so I really have no idea how this will work out. I'm going with the Broncos because they are at home, and the Giants have to play on a short week in the thin air of the mountains.

Enjoy Thanksgiving- especially if you have one of John Madden's "turduckens." Then you know you'll have a great holiday!

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

This weekend was completely backwards. I went to bed pretty early on Friday night only to wake up and participate in the Davis Turkey Trot. Our group walked the 5K but of course ran the very last bit and crossed the finish line. We were completely unofficial (as in, we didn't pay for our t-shirt or our official time) because that money was going to be put toward breakfast.

Of course, last night, Mrs. B. and I went to hang out with my best man, Sean and his lady, Trish. It was a lot of fun, but it doesn't make much sense as to why I was in bed early on Friday night, yet stayed out late on Sunday night. In between, here's what happened:

- I've been learning a few new cover songs. In fact, I think I mentioned all of them earlier last week (Cheap Trick, Beatles, Bob Marley.) They all are sounding pretty good and I'll play them in Roseville at my next show 12/5.

- On Saturday, Mrs. B. and I went to our favorite yogurt place, Mochii. As we were leaving and just about to reach my car, a dude in a white molester van yells at us, "I know you're not going to be greedy and eat all that!" I chuckled and kept walking. His van was still at the stop light, so he yelled, "I'm serious! Gimme some of that!" I looked at him puzzled and just shook my head. The light turned green and drove off. I thought for a second I was going to have to throw down over yogurt that I purchased. I guess that's an example of just another day in downtown Sacramento.

- I didn't attend the game, but UC Davis was beat for the second year in row by Sacramento State. Pretty embarrassing stuff for the match-up that UCD considers its rivalry game. UC Davis was up 14-3 at half, and then ended up letting Sac St.'s benched QB come in for the second half and torch their secondary. Final score 31-28. Horrible.

- I watched many National Geographic shows on Saturday. I learned about the Codex Gigas (narrated by Dominic Monaghan)- otherwise know as the "Devil's Bible." It's a 165 lbs. Bible that was written by a single monk during the monk's medieval lifetime. The most distinguished feature is the full page drawing of the devil on one of the pages. It was pretty interesting.

The other show that was fairly interesting was about prehistoric crocidiles and theories about how they were able to hunt dinosaurs and survive when dinosaurs did not. The best part is when they animated a re-enactment of Boar Croc and showed how it would have hunted dinosaurs. Savage!

- Where do I start with football? I think the Bears have made me a worse person this year. Their losses on national TV put me in a horrible mood. I'm probably at my least tolerable as a human after a Bears' loss.

Besides the last interception, I thought Jay Cutler played better. True- he did miss three different throws that would have all resulted in touchdowns, but his usual array of multiple primetime turnovers were absent for most of the game. The only thing that made me feel ok about the game was when Donovan McNabb talked with Cutler for a couple minutes after the game. It was actually impressive how long McNabb was in his ear. I can only imagine what he was saying to him:

"Hey Jay, stop throwing interceptions! You're leading the team I grew up rooting for- make better decisions!"

As a much maligned quarterback himself, I'm sure McNabb had lots of good advice for Cutler. We'll see if it makes a difference later on.

I'm not excited about Monday Night Football tonight. Texans vs. Titans? Am I wrong in thinking the AFC South is the most boring division in football? I know the Colts are great, but I'm still bored by AFC South inter-divisional match-ups. No idea why.

Enjoy the beginning of the week- thank goodness it's a short one!