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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Savages of the Day

Ah, what a beautiful opening day. Besides the Cubs losing to the Brewers, I enjoyed it thoroughly. My fantasy team is kicking ass (107 - 37 so far this week.) My pitchers all had quality starts (C'mon Angels, where's the run support?!) My hitters are hitting consistently. Here are my picks for SAVAGES OF THE DAY. Each award is judged solely on my opinion of what a savage is, and what level of savagery a particular player displayed.

Jake Peavy - This guy started off the season in fantastic fashion. 7 INN, 4 K, 3 H, 0 R. Jake, you're so damn good why don't you relax and have a drink? In fact, drink an entire bottle! Since I'm in a keeper league, no one will even sniff this guy for years. I won't trade him or drop him at the end of the season. It's perfect.

Carlos Gomez - And to think I didn't believe the Mets gave up much to get Johan Santana. Apparently this guy is a baller. He gets on base, swipes bags, and produces runs. The Twins will not be that great this year, but they can definitely be a competitive pain in the ass for contenders. On a side note, for all you SF Giants fans, this is the exact type of player that your team needs to be somewhat decent. Dave Roberts isn't getting it done- and neither are any of the young'ns that the Giants will run out there this year.

Kouske Fukudome - WOW. The Cubs may have lost to the Brew-Crew, but I think it was overall a great day. Zambrano pitched well, Marmol looked awesome, and even Wood didn't pitch awful (despite the way it looks in the box score.) But NOTHING was as good as Fukudome properly striking balls all over the field. 3 for 3 with a single, double, walk, and 3 run homer to tie the game in the ninth. It is very exciting to think about how good this guy could be. Unfortunately, Cubs fans will boo him tomorrow if he strikes out once. I probably could write a completely separate blog about the pathetic Cubs fans that boo players and give Cubs fans a terrible rep throughout the sporting community. Oh, well. For now- FUKUDOME!

The Kansas City Royals - Clearly over-matched by the over-hyped Detroit Tigers, the Kansas City Royals exposed the Tigers weakness on the first day of the season- their bullpen. What a talented team the Tigers are, but they might end up finishing second in their division if they can't get their relief pitching together. I predicted them to win the division, but I'm not so sure anymore. They'd clearly be in much better shape of Zumaya hadn't gotten hurt, but I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. The Royals came up big yesterday, and they should enjoy their one day in first place. They earned it.

Honorable Mention: The Weather Systems in the Midwest and East, Brad Penny, and the Washington Nationals.

Opposite of Savage Mention: Joe Morgan's Commentary, Eric Gagne, and Mark Hendrickson's opening day start.