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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fantasy Football Champion

My bunch of rag-tag grinders actually WON the fantasy football championship this week.  True, I ended up starting Rex Grossman this week (over Tim Tebow, which was a mistake) but it was enough to win by 14 points.  Matt Forte and the Pats D were the two biggest factors in my victory. 

Going into Tuesday night I was up 17 and my opponent (Clarkster's brother) had the Eagles D.  I was a bit worried because I figured that the Eagles would win and that the Vikings would have a hard time doing anything (see last week vs. the Bears.)  However, my fears were unfounded as Joe Webb and the Vikings D came up huge.  Not only did they help me out to bring a fantasy football championship home, their victory also allows the Bears a guaranteed first round bye in the playoffs.  Talk about your 1-2 punch of bliss!  It was a good night! 

That's about it.  My break from work is going quite well.  I'm working out every day and getting things done.  Yesterday, Mrs. B. and I brought our cats to the vet for their shots- how exciting!  As you can tell, things are going well...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're Going With #6

The time has come in my ESPN Fantasy Football League to go with Jay Cutler for a week. You see, Mr. Thomas Edward Brady, Jr. has the week off, and my only QB option is my favorite diabetic, Jay Cutler. This makes me a bit nervous because I have watched #6 play the last two weeks and the results were less than thrilling. The passing yards are there (300 and 251) but the touchdown to interception ratio is not (2/2 and 1/3.)

Things aren't all bad, though. The Bears are playing at home against the inept Cleveland Browns. The Browns have scored in single digits four out of seven games and are the only team in the NFL that uses their own helmet as their logo. The Browns can't decide on which terrible quarterback to start, traded their best wide receiver after he fought with LeBron James' friend (what!?), and Eric Mangini looks to be a calm, cool, stress free 450 lbs.

As far as fantasy football goes, I'm feeling ok about starting Cutler this week. As far as being a Bears fan, I'm a little hesitant about the extension the Bears gave Cutler. He's now locked up through 2013 and he will now receive $20 million more in new money. Don't get me wrong, I think he's very good, and the Bears might as well lock him up based on all the draft picks they gave up, but I'm worried about his erratic play.

His occasional fits of multiple interceptions remind me of another quarterback near and dear to Bears' fans' hearts- Sexy Rexy Grossman. The Sex Cannon was amazing at times, and then was down-right amazingly horrible at other times. It's a little hard to figure out how Grossman was playing for the Bears just last year, and all the fans hated him because of his lack of ball protection, so the Bears cut him. Almost immediately, the Bears trade a quarterback who does protect the ball (Kyle Orton) and many draft picks for a guy who seems to be quite similar to Grossman (Cutler.)

Do I think Jay Cutler is better than Rex Grossman? Of course I do. Am I behind the contract extention? Yes I am. But does it worry me to see that #6 already has 10 interceptions through six games? You betcha.

Here's to hoping it all works out- this week and in the future.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rex vs. Aaron

Is Aaron Rodgers the second coming of Brett Favre? Maybe. But I'm not sold just yet. I did a little research on:

and found some interesting numbers that compare Rex Grossman's 2006 Week 1-2 numbers with Aaron Rodgers' 2008 Week 1-2. The results might tame a Packers fan's over-enthusiastic reaction to their team's first two weeks this year. (But Tony, why would you want to bum out a Packer fan? Because the Packers are awful and I hate them.)

Grossman's Stats 2006:

Week 1 26-0 Win over Green Bay: 18-26 for 262 yards passing, 1 TD, 1 INT - 98.6 Passer Rating

Week 2 34-7 Win over Detroit: 20-27 for 289 yards passing, 4 TD, 0 INT - 148 Passer Rating

Rodgers' Stats 2008:

Week 1 24-19 Win over Minnesota: 18-22 for 178 yards passing, 1 TD, 0 INT (1 rushing TD) - 115.5 Passer Rating

Week 2 48-25 Win over Detroit: 24-38 for 328 yards passing, 3 TD, 0 INT - 117 Passer Rating

So Grossman had more yards and touchdowns than Rodgers in his first two starts. Both teams beat division rivals, and both QBs looked to have a very bright future as stars in the league. I'm not saying that Rodgers will turn out the same, but I'm also saying that all the Packer fans who think Aaron Rodgers is their savior, they should slow down, take a breath, and realize that they might be jumping the gun a bit. By the way, green and gold are awful uniform colors.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Orton, Grossman, Moxon, Grenouille, Anybody Else?

The Chicago Bears named Kyle Orton (shown training for this season) their starting quarterback today. I really don't have an much of an opinion on it. I always liked Rex Grossman (or more specifically I gave him the benefit of the doubt more times than most other Bears fans) but he really hasn't done much grab hold of the first-string position. And really, neither has Kyle Orton. But considering the options, I'm just going to roll with it and hope for an 8-8 type season. But I have to wonder, who would be a better option for the Bears?

Gee Grenouille - I believe he might be a good choice because the Bears win with defense and the QB just has to "manage the game." Grenouille relied 100% on Bobby Boucher to attack offenses. This was exemplified by other teams kneeling the ball down and punting back to Gee's team. The difference is, in the Waterboy, they didn't have Devin Hester returning punts.

Jonathon "Moxy" Moxon - The Beak once led the West Canaan Coyotes to the district championship after their first string quarterback busted up his knee. He showed commitment and focus (turning down the Ali Larter whip cream bikini) and had an inspiring speech to rally the team at the district championship game.

Joe Kingman - The Rock will not let anyone down on the football field. Though he may look like a defensive lineman or linebacker- I'd trust the Rock with an eight-year old daughter that I've never met, so why not trust him with the Bears offense?

Radio - Better decision making than Grossman, more athletic than Orton- I really don't see where this could go wrong.

There are many other good candidates (Jamie Foxx, the blond dude from Remember the Titans, Michael Vick) but for now I guess we're going with Kyle Orton. I'm very open to direct snapping it to Devin Hester and seeing what happens, but until then- let's complete some 5 yard out patterns!

* NOTE: In thinking about it, this is actually pretty similar to an entry over at The Money Shot from January 10 of this year. You can read that one HERE. G$ talks about the Redskins finding a coach by going the Hollywood route. Respek.